Thursday, February 19, 2015

Preview of Banshee workshop review..

Ok.. the deep slumber of whatever I am under is starting to thaw.. and hopefully that means more posts.. but here is a quickie before I dive into the full review of the class from last week.

What I do want to show here is Alfonso's bust painting that he did to show off his technique while at the class in Augsburg last week.

First off.. this is painted on a 3D bust.. his Anonymous Bust.. one that has been painted quite a few times already with great success.

But what I want to post up here is that he did this in 80 minutes. Using his sketching and wet on wet technique throughout the painting process.

And these photos are taken from his cell phone. Which is crazy up and unto itself there! Cause normally I cannot grasp the tones so well with my cell camera.. but that might also mean that I am not painting it to such levels and what not as he is here.

But while he was painting, and while we chatted after the workshop a discussion came up.. about how useful this would be for a teaching aid for others to understand about tones, contrast, and how to have something in hand for when painting such things at home.

I know for myself, that I would love to have such a piece painted up. One that shows both the sketched parts ( the neck/shoulders ) where it is still rough, and showing me where the direction comes from. But also the finished product of what it could be like if pushed further on.

Now I am not going to say that this will make you an instant master painter. Because this technique and style is something that Alfonso has spent the last 10+ years working on perfecting. But I can see it being a great guide to help when thinking of where and how to add colors or shadows or lights onto a piece. A great reference piece.

What do you all think? Would something like this be helpful to have sitting on your display cabinet. Something that you can grab when working on busts of your own to use for reference? I think it would be more helpful than just the photos as you can see the details and direction better on the piece itself.

If Alfonso were to sell these painted, do you think you might buy one? Leave your comments below, as I am very curious to what others think on this and if this might be something to ask Alfonso to consider in the future!


  1. I think that would be very cool. like a 3d WIP piece you can hold in your hand and see the steps of the process on the actual model. I still think seeing someones techniques in real time helps a lot too as even something like which direction your brush strokes go in can affect the outcome of the piece. James Wappel's DVDs revealed way more about how he paints than anything in pictures or words ever could, but then I am a visual learner so that may also explain my views :)

    1. Indeed.. so something like the bust and a WIP video in a combination would be great to have. I have a few other pieces in my collection from other artists that give me some pointers. And another one will be good.. now to find the coinage for one ;)

  2. That does look amazing! Although perhaps not me, I can see how having one as an aide memoir would certainly be beneficially.

    1. Agreed. It is not for all people as not all want to push to showcase levels. But it was amazing to see him paint it up, and to have it near me ( or other painters of busts ) would be very helpful.


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