Friday, May 9, 2014

Calling all Barbarians....

Conan by Darick Robertson

.. and when I say Barbarians, I don't mean Bavarians ( or Canadians! ) dressed up like Barbarians!

This just will not do!

No what I am looking for is more Barbarian sculpts to put together a bit of a diorama. Well, at least that is the thought running around in my head. I haven't done a proper diorama for a very very long time, and honestly most of my pieces are but 1 or maybe 2 figures on a stand. So I thought why not try to build something a little larger eh?

I have already started my collection with some pieces from Figone while at Duke.

Tarnir from Figone

Slainegger from Figone
I think both of these sculpts will be a good start for the warband. But I need more bare-chested, over muscled, attacking stanced barbarians to make my diorama come true! The other thing is that I need to be looking for pieces that are of the same scale which is 54mm as that is what these 2 are.

Looking further on Figone's site ( just cause I am already there ) I can see some more pieces, but they don't fully work for me in one way or another.

Kurgan from Black Forest
I mean Kurgan has the size, and a powerful weapon, but when put alongside the others he is too static to fit the scene I want to create!

Demon Huntress by Figone
A female warrior would be cool like the above, however she is a 90mm piece while the others are in 54mm scale. Which also poses new problems as well :) Not to say that this couldn't fit in with the rest and just say she is a giantess in the group, but I think the pose is still a bit off. But something that I will keep in mind though moving forward for pieces...

I also picked up some of the Boris models from Salute at the Heresy booth ( thanks for the chat Andy, even if I did come off as a stalker.. Sorry! ). But again the problem with these models is that they are too static to really fit in such a vicious warband!

Boris v3 from Heresy Miniatures
He is also a bit short at only 43mm tall, which I guess could be OK as a dwarf barbarian maybe. Again though the stance is just all wrong for the scene that I am looking for though.

But while looking at Andy's sight, I did see some more active Boris sculpts...

Super Dynamic Boris from Heresy Miniatures

Berserk Big Boris from Heresy Miniatures
Both of they have the charge stance going for them, though they will be significantly smaller and less detailed than the resin versions at the top of the page. Though again, Dwarf Barbarians in the group might be good fillers.. so will keep these in mind..

Deathball Fantasy Football Boris from Heresy Miniatures
There is also the Fantasy Football version of Boris.. of course he is holding a football at the moment.. but looking at the fact that the hand is separate, I should be able to replace it with a proper weapon. Again more thoughts are required on this...

Orc from Metal Models
Not really a barbarian, but maybe an ally? Aldo quite a bit larger sitting at 60mm tall.

Now I am searching, and writing this post at the same time, and my thoughts are running rampant at the moment with ideas. And the more I see different sizes of pieces, the more I actually want to put them all into a single scene! With the different heights playing for me instead of against me in normal situations. I could see some of the smaller guys running in between the larger pieces as they charge towards the unknown foe that lurks just out of sight.


While looking at other sites ( cause the point of this project is to expand my palette not limit it! ) and looking at places like Enigma I can see some interesting sculpts.. but not sure if they would fit into the scene properly..

Astharon by Enigma
An interesting piece, and again stretching the word barbarian here... but dynamic ish pose, and bare chested so fits that criteria. But he only stands 52mm to the top of his head. So will be a bit shorter than the top guys who kicked this off, but perhaps that will be OK?

There are also a few that I found on the Scale 75 site... which immediately we know are going to be the big buggers out of the bunch...

Brock from Scale75
Barbarian by Scale75
Both hold a decent stance ( though Brock might still be a bit static ) and one is even called a Barbarian! But again the size of them in comparison to others might throw it off too much. At least with some of the other ones I can claim it on the fantasy bits, but these 2 look a bit too human like to be able to claim they are giants or just larger humans.

The Barbarian by Joek Minis
Found this little guy, made of resin, on the El-Greco site. But he is really small.. but then again.. Halfling Barbarian? Again another little guy running between the others to take out the knees of the foe in front of them?

Ok.. so I have shown a fair few Barbarian sculpts so far.. and done a bit of early Friday morning searching for them. A scene is forming more and more within my mind on how to play this out.. but now I put it out to you the readers to ask... should I attempt this?

And if I should attempt this.. is there any other barbarian pieces out there that could really fit within this scene to make the warband epic sized!

I would really like to find around 10 pieces that I can put onto a single diorama. Why? Well, again just because I think I can, and would like to try something of this level actually!

So leave me a comment below on what you think of the idea ( which is growing more crazy as you read the post most probably ) and leave me ideas on additional models that could be included into this warband if you see any that fit the criteria!

Cheers and enjoy the weekend!


  1. If you are doing them at around 28mm size, then Hasslefree have Wolf, Akos, Ferrus, Jholkar, Volk, Ulthrak and Woldur (to name but a few) as male barbars. Then there are some nice lady ones too. I would think that Red Box have plenty also. :)

    1. Thanks Scott. Will definitely give them a look over. But I think the more I sit on this idea, the more I want the common size to be in the 45-60mm range.. though that is not to say that there cannot be a few smaller ones kicking around to help hack at the knees of the enemies!!!

  2. It might be worth looking at some historic celts/vikings as a starting point for some fur... try Andrea maybe? They also have a fantasy line too with a Red Sonja type... although she is quite static.

    A few examples:
    Celtic Warrior
    Another Celt
    Thor (not the marvel version)
    A fantasy warrior-type

    I dont know if you'll find any inspiration there, but I hope its of some use!

    1. Many good pieces in there.. especially the Celtic and Thor pieces! Might have to keep searching in this range or move fully into the fantasy ranges... not sure.. but lots of great ideas coming up from all spots I posted this to so far!

      Keep them coming!!!

  3. Great pics Mr Lee , i like your foot with helmet .

    1. Thanks LOL.. I aim to please with my photos ;)

  4. Maybe you should try to include the Nokjaegerin from Pegaso? ( ) . She is a bit static, but might work as some sort of watcher/leader?

    1. It is not really fitting the charging aspect of the range, but it could be fitting for the lord overlooking her warband charging into the frey... will have more looks at Pegaso now ;)

  5. Don't forget Nocturna Models, Kabuki, Yedharo, Velard, Scibor and Mad Puppet who all have 54mm barbarians in their ranges :)

    1. Thanks for this list! Scibor I already ruled out as many of their pieces are too clunky, and static. But for the rest.. mmm need to investigate them further!

  6. I have no idea where you are going with this. And useful hints or handy tips. But will be watching with interest.

    1. Heh.. cool.. will be an interesting project in the end though that much I am sure of ;) But a long term project... very long term I am afraid...

  7. Great minds think alike! I was going to do something similar for Salute next year, but solely around the smaller scale and dragon huntery

    1. Very cool.. will have to catch up then and share notes on this ;)

  8. If you are looking for bad guys look at the Mierce Trolls. They also do some Barbarian types.

    1. Yes.. have begun to look at Mierce Miniatures as a whole.. some nice pieces there that will work out great for this project!


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