Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bolt Action...

So after yesterday's post of starting the Lizardmen army with Junior, I have another army that will be working on in the next little while.

I have started a post on it over at 5th-Dimension blog as I will do the majority of the posting on the army progress there. Though I will still post up the odd thing here about the reason for the painting.

And especially on how to paint them up!

My aim here was originally to have a really nicely painted force, of high quality, to show off while playing. The first 5 models that I painted up I spent a lot of time making sure the blending was right, and that the colors were perfect.

When all was said and done this unit of 5 models took me in the vicinity of 20 or 25 hrs? I was pleased with it, don't get me wrong. The results are nice, and I can really see an entire force looking like this in the future!

Then I had a look at the rest of the forces to make up 1200 or more points ( which we hope to get to in the escalation league that I joined )...

Um... erm... yeah... 5 hrs per model times um... 100+ models? Yeah.. not happening!

So the old, army style painter in me was released and began to look at how to paint the pieces up faster, easier, and probably a bit less neat. But honestly.. when looking at them on the table.. will I notice that blend I did on the 40th or 80th guy? Probably not!

The HQ unit above was done in about an hour tops. Much simplier color scheme. More of a base, wash, highlight style to them.

What I am also working on within the entire force is a variation among the uniforms. Since the historical facts of the army state that they had issues with getting the same colors for uniforms due to where the uniforms came from. I figured that some wet on wet blending with different ratios might help to represent that. Plus now I am not concerned about trying to get an exact match to continue with a unit, but some slight changes in hue is acceptable. Call it a cheat, ok.. but still.. something that I think works!

What's better is that the majority of the pieces I have painted up now were done over a 2 day period! So I would reckon that my painting cheats/hacks/shortcuts are helping! Otherwise the older, better style, I would still only have 5 more models finished instead..

So far I have had 2 games with them at the local club. Both in the 600 pts level so very basic and easy to get around.

Battle vs the Belgians... seriously the Japanese have really engaged Europe much more than I remembered!

My first was against the Belgians.. who almost wiped me out to the man leaving only the HQ above alive in the end! And my second game being against the British where I squeezed out a win by holding the objective with the HQ until the very end!

Tonight I will see my third game.. opponent unknown.. but points have been raised to 800.. New reinforcements in the manner of a Sniper, and some Suicide Anti-tank units are joining the fight as well. Will see how the Imperial Japanese Army or IJA does tonight.. and maybe have a battle report to post about it as well!

In the meantime.. more meds, a few meetings, and a hearty lunch is required in order to be fighting fit for tonight!

Hope you enjoy the army.. and let's see how much more I can get done over the coming weeks for painting!


  1. I could easily be tempted by these myself, lovely job.

    1. Heh was tempted and then jumped in with both feet quickly after a convention! Now to get in a couple more games with them!

  2. Great work, I have some Japanese sitting on the sidelines now. I have another wave of German, Finnish and French about to arrive in various they have to wait.

    1. Mmm looking forward to seeing how you paint up the IJA forces then. Will keep an eye out for the rest though also!

  3. Excellent, you are a painting machine! Bolt Action looks like a blast.

    I painted and played my first WW II recently and like you, I've now got the fever.

    1. It is so much easier to play than say 40k... and the trick of who goes first is also pretty interesting!

  4. They look so cool as a whole army! Have fun gaming, buddy!

    1. Having a blast playing with this army! More so when i get to shout "BANZAI!!!!" and then charge into my death... though the last few times that when the dust settled the IJA was still standing! More BANZAI fun for all!

  5. Nice work on these. Yeah, 5 hrs per figure times 100!? I think your "tabletop standard" is probably still very high. I look forward to seeing more game reports.

  6. Excellent work, love your basement!


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