Thursday, July 28, 2016


My club has their annual campaign for Bolt Action about to start ( first match up is next week! ).

With that, more than a few members have stated that they might not be able to play due to not having enough tanks or especially transports available to play properly or competitively.

So it got me to thinking how many tanks and transport have I collected so far for Bolt Action in the past 2 and a bit years.

Seems there are quite a few.. with it being about 70 in total ( some not built or shown ) and then the bikes. Damn.

Thankfully I have a understanding wife.. else this could be quite dangerous.

In total we have the following:

For transports we have:
- 4 Sarissa trucks
- 3 M5 halftracks
- 3 Cargo trucks
- 2 Bren carriers
- 3 M3 scout cars
- 4 Jeeps (mmg/HMG)
- 2 251/1 (1 not built)
- 2 250/1 (1 not built)
- 1 Opel Truck (not built)
- 4 Sherman 75
- Sherman 76
- 2 M16
- M10
- Pershing
- 3 M20
- M8
- Stuart
- 2 Chaffees
- 3 Crusaders
- 2 A10
- 2 Otters
- Humbler mkII
- 5 Panzer IIIs (1 not built)
- Sdkfz 222
- 2 sidecars
- 3 motorbikes
Japanese (in case someone doesn't have an army and wants to still play!)
- 3 Chi ha
- ShinHoTo
- Chi-NU
- 2 Ho-Ro
- Ho-Ni
- 2 Type 92
- Ke-Nu

For the campaign I will run my Americans as it has the most variety, and cause no one else is really playing them at the moment. That and my Japanese forces would be too powerful in this campaign... 

So that leaves quite a bit left over that allows other to supplement their forces as and where required. So most likely I will set the transports that I don't normally use aside for them to be picked up by club members, and the Brit/German sections made available since we have quite a few players of those nations. 

The Japanese could be used by someone is they wished to join but don't have a force to play with. These are just the vehicles I have, but I also have the 200+ infantry and artillery pieces that can be put forward as well. 

Now to figure out my list for the first game and post that up!


  1. That's a lot of tanks and a generous offer on your behalf to help the others out.

    1. Hoping also that the luck within some of my tanks might help some of the members also ;)

  2. Quite a few tanks, and some of my faves in the list as well. Never tried "Bolt Action" as I have seen a few games played on the webb and it looked very much like 40K but in WW2. In other words the troops did not act as I would expect in WW2. But I could be very very wrong.

    1. I will say that it plays like the first editions of 40k in that there are common stats across the board, with just a few special rules to make units or countries stand out against each other. Maybe a roadtrip to your neck of the woods is in order to baptise you in Bolt Action ;)

    2. Bolt Action has been tried at the club ONCE before and was not enjoyed by those that played it. (I was not one of them I was playing something else!)

      If I was desperate I could always get a game at my local wargames shop (and there is one). Right back to Zulus for me. (And Burpas)

  3. That's a lot of tanks...though our local group tend to find that BA was best when tanks were limited. Some of them are massively overpowered! Experiment and see how your group does with them!

    1. We were the same, but with Tank Wars, it is I find more balanced to play with. And a lot harder to win a game at times when it comes to holding objectives ( basic tank wars scenario ).. Especially if you limit the objectives, and then they become bloodbaths :D

  4. Ooooh. you can never have too many.

    1. Agreed.. and many more to come I suspect as the future continues...


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