Monday, July 25, 2016

DAK Germans incoming...

So over the weekend I was almost catatonic with regards to doing pretty much anything. Not cause of the weather or anything, but more just have the house to myself with very little life duties being pressed upon me. So aside from a few extended naps on the couch, I painted up a "few" models.

To kick things off, late last week I had gone out to the garage ( will miss that when I move.. again ) and primed up both my German Afrika forces, as well as my American Confederate army ( or what I have assembled at the moment ).

From here you can see that I have a lot of armor once more for my new German force ( with more incoming ). I think this will be more a Tank War force than anything else, but for now let's see how it goes.

To kick things off I selected 10 models and began to block in the main colors that I would be using.

Surprisingly I was using Japanese uniform colors for them since I do not have any German colors within my paint selections. Like.. none.. at all.. never figured I would paint Germans I guess...

But what I went for here was that I wanted to have all officers to have green jackets, and all line troopers to have yellow outfits with green helmets. Just so that it has some variety in the painting ( can't be arsed about the reality of historical aspects at times ). I also painted up the special weapons or variations from Rifles in green as well. My hope is that this will make it easier for me to understand and see them on the board and know who is what. A major problem for me when playing my Americans as they are all wearing the same colors, and from a few feet away they all look the same.

With liking this style a bit, I would carry on with the remaining soldiers assembled and on my desk..

Surprisingly this only took the majority of the afternoon ( with a quick/long dinner break ).. but when all finished on the based, and given a mild drybrushing they fit the business for a game on Tuesday.

At this point you can see them at the post wash phase, and almost complete. The last portions required here was to just do up the basing colors a bit further. Which for me was to pull out the Modelmates Sand colors, and basically drown them in it.

The bases themselves were simply covered in Sandy Paste from Vallejo ( pre-primer of course ) and then painted with the Iraqui Sand. Then covered in unequal parts of Light and Dark shade Sand Brown by Modelmates. Waiting about 5 secs for them to dry ( thank you hair dryer.. knew you were good for something ).. and you would get some really random coloring throughout the bases. This doesn't look so good at this point, but a quite drybrush of Iraqui Sand and Deck Tan though, and it comes out ace.

Actually I have to say that they based came out so well, that I will be using this for other such scenes in the future! I think the sandy paste on its own is a bit meh.. but toss in some rocks or gravel to it, and BAM it does the business and then some!

Heck, I was so motivated with this, that I even carried on and finished up ( almost ) the motorbikes for my DAK forces.

Here you can see the photos of the bases with the modelmates pigments, and drybrushing in action. I don't have any decals for the bikes, which I am sad about, but it still worked out as it is. I just need to now dust up the wheels and undercarriage a bit, and I think I can call these sections finished. Oh and obviously paint up the additional riders for the 3 motorbikes in the front. But I have more bikes incoming, so I will probably paint them in a big batch once those arrive.

Now I just need to tackle the vehicles and see how I can get them out and along now. So far I have started in on 2 of the Panzer IIIs..

But really did not get very far. Too many last minute things that were needed to get finished around the house before I collapsed on the bed last night. But I do hope to have at least these 2 finished before the game tomorrow.. will see how far I can get on them!

Overall.. a nice, quick army to paint up and hopefully play at the club on Tuesday. Let's see how my meagre beginnings can do here..


  1. They look very good to me.

    You may expect me to be doing some Desert War before the end of the year!

    1. That would be great to see! What scale would you be doing it in? Those crazy small ones or something more realistic like 28mm? :)

  2. Looks like you have sorted out the colour palette brilliantly and so much done already.

  3. Japanese Germans ! Who knew ?


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