Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review - Warlords SdKfz 222 for Bolt Action Germany

Quick little review here today. As we move forward with the German forces in Afrika, one of the kits that came with the deal back when it was released was this little armored car. The SdKfz 222.

One of their older kits as it is still available in resin and metal.

The assembly of it is pretty straight forward with the majority of the kit a solid piece of resin. The wheels have the trademark of old where they fit onto cylindrical spacers and have the appropriate groove marked out for them to sit on. The front bumber, and lights have separate holed premade ( though they required a bit of drilling out ), but fit easily enough.

The hardest part was probably putting the gun turret together, and that was mostly taking the flash off the pieces.

No real instructions needed as it is shown on the back of the box, but you can see that the pieces in general were all laid out in a decent manner. All wrapped in bubble wrap inside the cardboard box itself.

I do like the ease of resin kits as they go together very quickly, with minimal fuss or troubles. Though they do lack the variations that the plastics offer, but I think the lack of swearing while assembling or mold line removal is a major plus for me.

Now to get to painting this little kit for the battlefield.. but also thankfully the other kits I have came with enough decals to cover this as well. Once of the few things it was missing overall to complete the kit.


  1. Nice review, shame the kit is too big for me! But it does look a good kit.

  2. Looks good! Shall look forward to seeing your brush magic on it.

  3. Nice review! Do you have also size comparrisons to 28mm Finescale and heroscale models? Greetings Sven from


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