Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Not dead.. just consumed with gaming..

Specifically with Star Ocean 5 on the PlayStation 4.

Although there are some things happening for the miniatures in the background.. all my time outside of assembling or basic painting are a bit amiss at the moment.

Hopefully this will slow down a bit soon enough, and I can get back to writing articles of things that are needing to be reviewed, as well as painting up some of my larger projects where the deadlines are starting to become a bit more pressing now.

Also with the family heading off for holidays soon, I suspect my hobby time might increase as the distractions around the house simmer down ;)

At least I have some gaming tonight, so maybe a battle report will grace the blog soon.. I would do one for last week but it was a wee bit one sided.. and would not make for the best of reading.. Let's see how tonight goes though.. especially with my bringing the Imperial Japanese Army out of retirement!


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