Tuesday, December 29, 2015

USMC reinforcements...

So it has been a busy week, and I have gotten a lot of painting done of recently.. to the point where my Americans are now finished.. well at least what I have available on the table right now.

This latest addition was full of conversions, and add ons. Mostly Bazookas, the last 2 squads for the forces, and some HQ models..

Over Xmas I also received some of the above here.. being the official HQ unit for USMC. Along with 2 packs of specials. So more bazookas, snipers, and flamers.

I had also converted up some Dog Units to help sniff out some of the hidden troops that plague the battlefield ( like snipers and the like ).

And some mules to help bring in some of the AT guns over the mountains..

The majority of the force shown above, just missing the last pieces. Was quite a journey to show off all this, and the tank section of the army is going to be shown soon.. Just waiting for it to be posted on the main contest blog first before showing it here ;)

That should be a nice post to show off things for the final army photos.. and the first game is to happen tonight with the Americans.. this should be fun to see how this goes, and how different the playstyle is.


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