Thursday, December 24, 2015

USMC forces incoming..

Over the past few days I have begun to paint my USMC forces for Bolt Action. I have to say that I am having a lot of fun doing them.. more so than the assembly process that is..

The painting is more set for table top here, so are not the best, and could probably use some more. I might go back over them at some point, especially the bases, but for now everything is fine. They are definitely good for gaming with at the very least.

The basic colors here are the US Field Green, with some Grey green mixed for the highlights. And some German Camo Brown for shading. Not the most diverse colors to play with, but they are working for me.

Above I have 2 full units of US Marines built out of Warlord and Artisan plastic/metals. Each unit is holding their NCO with SMG, 2 more SMGs, 3 Bars, 3 Shotguns, and 4 rifles. It is a mix therefore of Airborne, Infantry and Marine models and parts. But with the paint scheme in play right now it works for me.

In front of them is a conversion for a FAO ( Forward Air Observer ), MMG gunner special character, and a loader for the Bazooka team ( Bazooka still waiting for paint ). The 2 guys on the right are for my HQ choices. Again another special model to the left, but the guy on the right no idea. Both look Airborne though, but again painted to fit with my Marines. One of the few times that the Airforce and Infantry worked together perhaps? :)

On the second side of things I have another 2 units of Marines. Same configuration as the other 2.

In front I have a few more conversions in play here. The HQ unit on the left there are actually Italian HQ models from Warlord. Left overs from when I was painting up an Italian to give to Raffaele Picca on one of my many visits to Germany. They just had some plastic head swaps for them, and now fit in well enough, well for some maybe junior HQ units :) They look a bit skinny and scrawny compared to the other models..

The other unit there is a FlameThrower unit.. with his loader holding a bag of extra gear, and some extra fuel in a jerry can.. cause why not? :) No effect for the rules, but makes the model interesting all the same.

I have 2 more squads built, the bazooka teams, and another HQ section to paint up that are waiting now. As well, I still have plenty of other spare parts left over from creating these guys. So medics, and more FAOs will be created as yet. Hopefully I will receive a few more special weapon teams for Xmas to fill in some of the slots here and there.

And of course a full platoon worth of tanks.. 4 Shermans, 2 Chaffees, and a Halftrack are all waiting for paint.. not to mention what else might be incoming at some point :) Go big or go home I guess with building armies for me :D Lots more to come from these soon enough :)

And to finish off.. a really bad photo of them on my GW gaming mat.. they blend in very nicely.. so job done for the paint jobs so far ;)

Enjoy Christmas! And post more after the break!


  1. That was some opening post Kyle, have a Happy Christmas.

    1. Thanks mate. I have finished the rest now and they sit waiting for the article to be published. More to come though ;)
      Merry Christmas to you as well.

  2. Wow, when you get going, you really get stuck in.

    1. Actually the troops are all finished now ;) More photos to come soon.

    2. Actually the troops are all finished now ;) More photos to come soon.


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