Friday, December 11, 2015

BrokenToad - Source for Mr Lee's Minis now!

So last week on Facebook I was able to share that BrokenToad is now selling Mr Lee's Minis! Starting with our first piece, Handsome Jack of the Wasteland Warrior series. And BrokenToad is also going to be carrying the Beavers ( both bust and figure ) on the site as well!

What this means that we are now available from a proper online shop! And you can expect to see a lot more coming from the shop, and this collaboration, in the future!

Kris Toad, the owner of BrokenToad was kind enough to offer up some space on his site to begin selling our pieces when we were at Hussar earlier this year. Chatting about the opportunities of it, and what could be done to help promote them better.

Now, he has provided a subsection on his site that has the models listed with room for more in the future!

First up Handsome Jack, named and painted by Jack Crowe, is front and centre with the group there. Our main product at the moment sculpted by Arlen, with many more in the pipeline to come!

You can find him at the following link - Handsome Jack - Wasteland Warriors

Next up is the Mr Lee Beaver Bust. Sculpted by Giorgios in Greece to capture the essence that is Mr Lee from the site banner.

You can find him on the site as well here - The Beaver Bust Mascot

The infamous Beaver Lumberjack, now in figure form! Sculpted by Fancagne in France, but available for you in resin also over at BrokenToad!

You can find him on the site as well here - Lumberjack Beaver Figure

But last, but definitely not least, is that we have a combo sale for the Beavers! Save 5 pounds when buying them together than when buying them separately!

You can find that also on the site right here - Beaver Combo

Quite exciting times for me here with all this going on right now. And with some great news coming for the new year of additions to the Mr Lee's Minis family as well.. but more on that soon enough when those are a bit more along :)

Enjoy the weekend all, and if your looking for a gift idea for that geek in the family, have a gander at BrokenToad to maybe pick something unique up ;)


  1. And here I thought my holiday shopping was done. I forgot to buy me something! I'm totally gonna get my hands all over your busts o_O That sounded wrong. Oh well, still gonna do it :P

  2. When you've taken over the wurld, gizza job....


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