Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Painting competition bonus rounds...

Curt is the one with the Whistle apparently.. I'm in the blue ;) 

Within the competition there are apparently some bi-weekly bonus rounds. Something to break up the monotony of the line painting and grind that comes with a points based painting competition ( which is mostly against ones self unless you join into the side competitions.. which I did.. ).

There are 6 rounds in total.. 
  • January 3rd: Nostalgia
  • January 17th: Epic fail
  • January 31st: Defensive Terrain
  • February 14th: L'amour
  • February 28th: Nautical
  • March 13th: Gambler/Risk-Taker
Some really interesting pieces here within the list. I cannot think of something for all of them, but I think I might be able to participate in some at the very least. 

The big thing for them is your interpretation of the topic I guess? 

So things like Nostalgia.. it could be things from the past that hold meaning. Be it that the model is doing that or that maybe the model itself is something of a nostalgia piece. I have found a very old Slannesh Greater Deamon from GW.. one of the first models I received when I began to collect gaming models properly.. Though no idea why it never got painted up :) 

Epic fail.. well.. I can see a gun split and a black soot covered faced warrior here from WW2 perhaps? 

Defensive terrain.. well.. maybe I can figure something out here in FOW or something for my WW2 USMCs? I dunno really for this, so will really have to investigate it further.. 

L'amour.. well.. really honestly no idea here.. I have a figure from Relic Knights that has hearts in her exhausts? But I doubt that is going to fit in there.. 

Nautical I have ideas for.. some of the Dystopian war models are kicking around ( more americans there ) that could do the trick!

Gambler/Risk Taker.. this I think I have something for it.. Frank from Sin-City could do well. I have a few in different scales that would fit.. though I think this is the last challenge as you also need to send Curt, the organizer, a model pertaining to this theme as part of your entry. So perhaps the Hasslefree version of him might work in this case.. but again will see as we get closer to this time and dates. Just need to keep this all in mind while I begin prep and lining up the models on the desk for painting!

In any case, it shall be fun, and I think if I can accomplish a few of the bonus rounds, I might get closer to my 2500 point goal since each bonus round entry is another 50 points and with 7 of them that works out to be 350 pts extra! Huzzah.. 

Let's see.. now to get home and enjoy some Holiday time off!


  1. Some cracking ideas there Kyle and best of luck, I'm still scratching around to come up with a couple more ideas, but plan to enter as many as I can - is it just me, but are there in fact only six bonus rounds?

    1. Nice thoughts Kyle. I am still thinking about 2 bonus rounds. Epic Fail and Defensive Terrain.

      Perhaps for Defensive terrain I might build Rorke's Drift as I have a load of Zulu's still to paint! (But don't tell Mr Awdry)

      If not I may have to spend a very little to get some.... opps nearly gave it away!!

      I am trying to do the whole thing without buying more stuff. Which is hard!

  2. Thanks guys, and yes I suspect it really is 6 since we all have to enter in a risk taker/gambler.. but anyways..

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with Michael.. am sure they will be cracking good pieces when done as always :D

    And Clint.. looking forward to what you come up with.. am sure that the purse strings will only open a little bit to pull some of them off ;)

  3. I'm really excited to see what you come up with for the Theme Entries. There are no other painters of your caliber participating and it will be interesting to see how people deal with work of that quality.

    I'm not taking part in any of themes. But I am using the Hasslefree Frank Cisco to portray Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry and sending that to Curt. It would be great to see you paint him so I can learn from your brushwork on the same figure.


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