Friday, August 7, 2015

Wasteland Warrior Naming contest entries...

So it has been a bit over 2 weeks since we announced the naming contest.. and I have to thank everyone for their submissions!

Below is the list of everyone's submissions and who submitted them. Over the weekend, Arlen and I will go through and try to find the top 5 names, and I will put up a poll on Facebook to give everyone a chance to pick which one they like the most.

Without further ado, here is the list. In no specific order aside from where I found them and who put them in first.

ContributorName Suggestion
Greg HessHarold
Michael AwdryMerv
Denny CraneClint
Sabrina "Itsacoyote"Ol' Leather Jack
Segmentum Obscurus StudiosIberian
Segmentum Obscurus StudiosKavan
Segmentum Obscurus StudiosCavan
Segmentum Obscurus StudiosFinian
Segmentum Obscurus StudiosUsul
BarakwolfSilent Bob
lopeePuncher Keen
Raffaele PiccaCapt. Casey Chamberlain
Arianne Olivia FlorinFlint Ironstag
Jurgen FrankBuster Rey Sin
Simon MoonBully Boomstick
Uli SazmaGenaro Stomp
Jack CroweKrazy Keil
Jack CroweHandsome Jack
John HarrisonMirk Grindle
Stuart Gordon SimJohn McGee
Rancid PunxBig Nev Hackett
Terry CowellDangerous Dirk the Merc

Some great pieces there, and it will not be easy to shortlist it!

Cheers and enjoy the weekend!

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