Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review Tuesday - Tiny Leads Samurai!

So just before holidays I received this great new product from Tiny Leads! Their 19th Century Samurai in 75mm scale.

Right off the bat, we can see that this is a quality product. I mean.. high class here. Proper shoebox styled box, but of high grade material.

Right away we see some nice extras tossed into the box here. And custom form fitting foam inserted to the box. The business card sized art cards are a great touch. And the sheet giving a nice history lesson on the model itself. And a small button that has been added to my painting smock along with the rest of the pins collected in the past.

So extras aside, then we get into the actual models themselves. And this is where the real great aspect of the piece comes together.

Right away we can see the main components are safely sandwiched between the 2 bigger pieces of foam. What surprised me were the temple stones. I hadn't really checked what was going to be included with the model.. and so the scenery bits are an added bonus to me :)

The bigger pieces are sitting at the bottom of the box.

Honestly all the pieces are top shelf casts as well. And the join sections with their peg/slot aspects make putting it together very easily. Even as just a test fit really.

Spread out these are nicely showing the size of different aspects. But assembled.....

Have to say.. once together ( and I even found a good socket to fit the massive base! ) it is surprising at how large it really is! I look forward to painting it up, and maybe even getting around to it sooner than later! The scenery really makes the piece comes together, and very happy to see it included in the set.

Seems there are some copies left out of the limited 150 cast set. Check out Tiny Leads' page for more details!


  1. That is an excellent review Kyle - so very tempted....!!!

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  3. Looks nice mate. Be even nicer with some paint splashed on it :)


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