Monday, August 10, 2015

Naming Contest short list!

So the names have been shortlisted, and we now have 5 names that we could agree on. It took quite a while ( in relation to the list ) to shortlist this many, and a few changes made to each others list to come to an agreement.

In the end.. these are the choices we have selected to be voted on!

- Ol Leather Jack
- Capt Casey Chamberlain
- Handsome Jack
- Big Nev Hackett
- Dangerous Dirk the Merc

I want to thank everyone who has provided a name for us. Now it is up to everyone to give their voice to which one they like the most from the list. On Monday we will announce the winner, but the ability to vote on them is open until Saturday.

Please leave your choice in the comments, and good luck to those that were chosen!


  1. Handsome Jack sounds good, short and easy to remember.

  2. No to handsome jack, because that's straight from borderlands. I'd go for Dangerous Dirk the Merc or DDM for short.

  3. I would opt for the Cpt. Casey Chamberlain because for me he has the look of a veteran somehow.

  4. Shame Clint did not make the short list!

    1. Was very close though ;) like 6th or 7th in the list :D


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