Friday, August 28, 2015

Guild Ball team updates

Guild Ball!

I have posted about these pieces for a while, but they have lavish unattended in my shelf of despair for well over a year now ( had to have, as I had picked up the original set back at FigureWorld 2014 ).

And since then I have picked up 3 more full teams to get sorted through. A full Fisherman, Butcher and Brewer teams.

So with that in mind, and although I have shown the first model Brisket painted, I proceeded to paint the rest.. almost..

I say almost, as I still have Shark to do.. But these starter teams ( which consist of 3 models each ) are a good one to get to grips with the models for painting, and also gives me 2 teams to demo with.

So first up, since I had started with Brisket, I figured it would be right to finish the rest of her team.

Boiler was a quick one to paint up in the end.. and I kept him pretty mellow in colors. Mostly browns and the odd touch of red. Just to tie him into the rest of the guild.

I suspect I mucked up his hands there though as I think he is meant to be wearing gloves, and I painted them as skin. So for arguments sake, he has rather "leathery" hands ok?

A blurry photo of the 2 of them together. I had painted up Boiler so quickly that I still had time that evening to begin on their captain, OX. Both of these models were the LE metals. Which is pretty cool, and also still cool to use for Demos. Cause.. why not ;)

Surprisingly I finished Ox quickly that evening as well, and then had a full starter team of Butchers ready. Color scheme was kept simple again. Mostly brown leather sections slight red accents, and on him, a big ivory cloth apron. Cause he is a butcher and would probably own such a thing, and wear it to the field. Heck.. I probably should add some blood to it.. but maybe later if the mood strikes for it.

He was a repaint though, as I had attempted to paint him when I had first acquired him. But it did not turn out so well :) Thankfully one learns from their mistakes and the second incarnation of him is much better :D

Next up are the Fishermen... or rather for this starter team, the Fisherman and his 2 better halves!

I used the same basing materials for both guilds to again tie them into the same game more than anything else. And cause dirt with some pebbles tossed in makes for good bases.

Angel was up for as I figured she would be a good clean slate to test with. Since she is a simple sculpt, with details but not overly so.

I wanted to try a different skin tone for this guild from the Butchers. Where I can see the butchers being indoors all day long, I can equally see the Fishermen Guild being outdoors all day. And so I tried to do a more tanned or darker skinned grouping here.

I should have looked at the concept art more, as I would have noticed that she had a white shirt there instead of more blue. And the blue is kinda overwhelming to a point. But I did try to lighten it up at least ;)

Red bandana cause who doesn't like red ones? And her ripped netted stockings there, I painted up the skintones once more showing through. I think it is a bit jarring, but works.

I did attempt to do some reflection noise on the fishscales around her middle there. Not sure if it came out great, but I like it all the same.

Oh and the last photo collage is me playing with an application in my phone. Nothing more.. :)

Ok.. this lady has so much going on her that it is not even funny. Seriously... Between the fishnet/cloth wrap around her waist, to the mass of belts and buckles wrapping her in.. well.. she is a bit crazy for details.

I think her face didn't come out as nice as Angel's did, but there again there is less of it there, and I didn't do the eyes. She is also a bit more blue, even with the off white i did on the sash around her waist.

I think although she came out a bit dark, she works well to grab attention with the offwhite accents there.

Which only leaves poor shark.. which would have been completed had Journey not landed.. and he got a bit pushed back. So I should probably get back to him very quickly, and get it finished before too long. I suspect he will be a mix of the 2 styles of Angel and Siren there. A few bright accent spots compared to a majority of blue and skin.

Then it is just a matter of making a goal post for the 2 of them! Need to have a peek around online for some of those, as I need to find some interesting designs to use. And then root around in my bitz box to find something appropriate.

From here, it is just a matter of running some games in preparations to Scale Model Challenge show in Eindhoven. Which if your going, and want to try this great game out, just come and find me in the gaming section of the convention! Me and my buddy Denny Crane will be running the demos throughout the Sunday, and most likely be found somewhere in the hotel on Saturday playing it and other games as well!

Ok.. back at the painting I suppose! Enjoy the weekend!

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