Monday, March 31, 2014

Deep thoughts and splatter...

As the morning rises, the Sci Fi bust contemplates his future colors... is more contrast required.. is the blue really blue or is the green needing more green... questions to be answered in time...

While he/she/it contemplates this.. I thought I would show a quick thing on the splatter effects. I have been asked a few times on what it is, how to do it, and what effect it gives..

To put it simply.. it is loading up a brush with paint.. and flicking it at the model :) Pretty simple stuff actually! Massive Voodoo covers it in their tutorials before, but more for blood and gore. I used it here on the bust to create different lesions and liver spots on the smoother sections.

The main things one needs is a palette with deep pockets in it, and a larger flat brush. This is what I use as I have it on hand, and it did/does the job that it is required to do simply enough.

Though you could use a smaller brush, but it is a bit harder to control. I have seen some use a toothbrush. I hope that it was not theirs though, or their significant others... Kids might be OK.. can never tell if that stain is paint/ink or food anyways so...

But anyways.. I usually just fill up the palette with 1-2 drops of Ink colors, and then fill the rest of the bowl with water. Mixed up and thinned down quite a bit. Reason for this is that we do not want them to be massively shown pieces against the model, but just enough to discolor sections of it. You can see that I have used a few different colors like Green, Purple, Brown, and Black. But I guess it all really depends on what you are trying to achieve really.

MV talks about using a toothpick to flick across the brush, but I wanted a bigger spread of damage across the model. So just used the end of my thumb like above. This does make a massive mess and horribly inaccurate as well which is why it gives such great random patterns. It is also why you can see the big cardboard piece sitting on my desk in recent photos. To catch most ( but not all!!! ) of the overspray of the splatter.

What kind of effect does it give though? Well this one for instance..

Really random, and in different hues and saturation. All depending on when the drop began to dry between the brush and the model, or how much water I used, or how much was on the brush itself. I really tried different levels of wetness on the brush before flicking it at the model to understand this better.

Though you have to be aware that this is just the beginning sections, and from here I was then smoothing out the colors. To fade them into the skin and give it a bit more depth to the model overall like below..

But yeah.. that is about it.. and in the meantime it seems that Mr Sci-Fi bust himself is ready for more paint... so the journey continues... enjoy!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Steampunk Alien Bust part 2....

Man I am really loving this bust... so many things to work on from the classes and videos I have watched online that my mind is melting while painting this thing!

You can see where I finished off in my second session on this bad boy.. adding some texture and green portions to it.. I think I need to go back to the texture side of things soon though as I think I overdid the colors on top of it but they are coming along nicely and I know how to re-achieve those parts once more!

BUT.. I am getting ahead of myself here... :)

On the left we can see where I left off in yesterday's article..

And on the right we can see the progress I made after about 20 minutes of literally throwing paint around!

I began with loading up my large GW drybrush with watered down inks ( Brown, Green, Purple, Black ) and "flicking" it towards the model.

You can see that I have a cardboard piece behind it.. there is good reason for this as it caught a lot of the colors and "over flicked" paint :) Otherwise I might have had to begin to explain to my landlord why the walls have tiny paint dots all over them!

What I did like right away was the splatter effects and how it gave the skin something new. Especially since it was on a flat surface there. Which was a big problem on my Wild Hunter piece back in the day. People always commented on how that section did not hold up to the same levels as the rest of the bust. So I am learning.. slowly.. but am learning from those comments.

Just the thinnest colors being flicked on it and yet it was making such an impact! Problems come up later but will explain those then.

In between misting and flicking on int though, I did try to throw some ink/washes on the back green sections. And I had to take a photo of it to use it as reference in the future. I really can see this being used further once I get that point on the bust.

Though from here, I began to fall apart a bit on the bust... going too high in the highlights ( almost white ) and not dark enough. And I began to take away a lot of the vibrant colors from the piece also..

Especially the green portions became quite chalky, and I would spend the next hour trying to 're-vitalize' the colors there.. with minimal success as well :(

Easy to spot the mistakes in the process after the fact and with the photos.. not so easy while sitting at the desk so engrossed with the piece and motivated to go further.

But I did press on.. and I did try to correct it.. however while doing so all those nice textures I made previously began to disappear!

You can see it in the (poorly done) black background photos shown below..

A lot of work ( and re-work in some parts ) is required now.. more so before I can really go after the non-biological aspects of the piece. Let's see how it goes over the weekend.. in the meantime check out the comparison photo with The Thing that is still lurking in the background here!

Scary dudes here.. in the meantime.. enjoy the weekend!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Steampunk Alien Bust

Saw this on Facebook 2 weeks ago, and well.. I had to have it! So much character in it and I can already feel inspiration pouring into me from it!

Combine this with my recent trip up north for an airbrush workshop with John and you have a recipe for awesomeness!

Heck I even jumped straight into it as soon as I got it unpacked and took to the airbrush immediately ( ok.. after washing and GS layers on the head to smooth it out more! ).

As you can see.. not a full coverage of the model here in Liquid Green Stuff.. Just on the spots where I would want to have the smoothest sections to really play around with. It wasn't terrible there, but I just wanted to make sure that paint would look that proper smoothness there more so than other sections. Since everywhere else is textured for the skin I figured I should attempt some nice smoother transitions on the top portions.

From here we do the primer... German Panzer Grey. Why this and not black? Cause my black was missing at the moment ( not missing, not lost, but I think it went for a walk on me! )... so this was the next dark color I had around.

Even just this began to scare me on the piece. I was thinking at this point.. "mmmm maybe I should do a dark skin tone like shades here.. and like almost a black leather like texture... " but that was soon passed as I wanted to go for a more creepy flesh like skintone for it.

This is after a single pass of Scale75's Pink Flesh color. It didn't give complete coverage, but began to give me a sense of where this piece was going to go.

Here I got another layer of the Pink Skin laid down, and also began the shadows with Iridium Skintone. Which is a lot more redder than I originally thought, but was liking the new direction it was taking me :)

For the highlights I just went with the Scale75 Pale Skintone. Trying to hit the highest points throughout the piece. At this point I can begin to see the colors direction on the piece. I know that in the BAM class we did pre-painting sketches for the busts.. and in the basing class we did sketches.. well.. I have a confession to make here.. I can't draw and thus sketches never really work out too well for me :D

It is far easier for me to just start on the model itself and see where the piece takes me. What colors call out to me. Now that I see it to be more of a red/purple color as the primary color we can play around from here. Ideas for different hues and colors to be introduced into the model are beginning to come into focus for me.

So after misting the whole piece back with the Pink Skintone once more, I also tried to add a bit more shadows to it to further push it. There is a lot more that is needed to be done there.. but it is beginning to move in a direction that I think I can handle.

And this is how far I have gotten after 2 hrs of playing around with colors and the airbrushes.

Next things to do is to think about a secondary color for the skintone to make a pattern or something on it. To give it a bit more character instead of a straight single tone here. Am thinking something within the same range but more into the browns? Will see on that and see what comes of it.

I also think I will try some dotting or splatter on it in places. Like birthmarks or something? Not sure how to explain it but we will see how it goes once I get a better chance to tackle it.

The biggest challenges that I will yet to hit will be how to make the skintone have a bit more life in it overall! Let's see how I can do this in the future. :)

Thoughts so far on the piece? Ideas on how to move forward?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Airbrush workshop... photos dump

I wrote a nice article on this already over on 5th-dimension blog. Why there instead of here? Well that is easy.. since it was run by John aka Darkmessiah who is a fellow 5th-dimension blogger.

Go and have a look there and then come back. I'll wait... :)






Ok.. glad you enjoyed that read over there.. now for some insult slinging, wisecracks of the people involved.. and more photos ;)

Nah.. just kidding.. the weekend was good ( as you just read about ) and there were a lot of interesting activities both with and without the airbrushes. :)

I talked a bit about the Strongbow airbrush technique, and although I make fun of it, it was something that was used in the workshop. Intentional or not it was used ;)

And the technique makes for a nice pose with regards to photos though :)

We had Gus playing with his 2 airbrush technique as well...

This would be replaced later on with a hairdryer when I get home.. I can see that happening and making the speed much faster for this technique.

I joke about Gus as he was a bit junior in comparison to some others with the airbrush, but he is no noob with a normal brush however. You can see 2 freehand pictures he made and brought to show everyone below..

This stuff is crazy good.. so it makes sense that he threw my Orc onto the floor when he saw someone else paint better than him ;) I joke... sort of..

Many good chats happened throughout the weekend though.. many good laughs and jokes..

It felt good also to be in a class that I was not the biggest noob there ( Thanks Gus for taking that role! ) and also to be able to contribute a bit as well.

One of the biggest things that John was looking for in this class actually. To build up the knowledge between those attending, but also to build up the relationships between those attending. To get the conversations flowing between the members and to get each to learn from one another just as much as they should learn from himself.

Aside from that.. I am really happy to have had the chance to go and learn.. and now to apply that to my new bust! Now let's see what I can do and what effects will come of it!!!
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