Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday... Flamespyre Phoenix

Hey... so I am still on holidays ( YAY! ) but am off to visit family this week. So this is a kinda pre-written article before leaving.

So on Monday a buddy of mine popped over, and we did a bit of airbrushing on his new Flamepyre model.

I have to say that this is quite an interesting model. Very 2D, and huge. but very difficult to hold properly as well in order to do the painting on it as well.

So you can see that it was a pretty simple job done here. Some work done by me, some by my buddy who was learning how to use an airbrush. Keeping some of the white visible to add some brighter colors as well.

From here it was just layering in some yellow, and this mixed nicely with the reds to create some orange hues on the model itself also.

As you can see the yellows came out nicely though. I then hit it with some tank brown to give it some stronger contrasts in sections. I won't go as far as white or black on it as it is a gaming piece and I needs to look better at 2 feet away than 2 inches.. but it is getting to where I want it to be.

Now time for regular brush work with a red/brown oil wash over it will pick out the details in the feathers. Paint the eyes blue, claws brown/yellow, and then call it a day!

Though I still need to paint the rider and chair that goes with it, but that is put aside for another day. In the meantime I am being fed too much good food, and having walks around the Turkish Capital. No more painting to occur until our return... and when I do... I will be finishing up some Incubi and Chaos Chosen. Enjoy!


  1. Very cool model - and it takes well to the airbrush.

    1. Not sure on how cool it is, but it is an interesting one ;) And it does work nice with the airbrush indeed!


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