Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Modelleisenbahn Wunderland - Hamburg

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there fellow bloggers and lurkers in the shadows... I bet you all thought that today's post would be about the BAM Workshops with Massive Voodoo! Sorry to disappoint but no such luck. My brain and body are fried after such an experience that I need time to recover before I can properly explain and describe what I went through ( All positive! Or at least 95%... maybe 90... depends on what we had the night before to eat... :) ).

But to kick things off here is a small collection of the photos I took while we did a walk around after the first workshop weekend. The guys, Roman and Raffa, plus some other Hamburg Locals; Steffen, Arne, Heiko and some guy named Michelle?!? Took us on a walk around the city, and through the Modelleisenbahn Wunderland!

I have seen videos and reviews of this place and was always fascinated by it. So having the chance to see it in person ( even if it cost 12 euros a person ) was too much to say no to! Check out the small video they have below...

Honestly though this doesn't do it justice though. I mean we spent a good 2 or 3 hrs in the place, and near the end felt exhausted. So much so that we fell victim to their cafeteria food ( which is better than that I have found in other more reputable places so.. ) and relaxed before seeing the city.

But there was so much to see.. and so many little hidden scenes throughout the exhibits. I put some into my picasa album, see if you can spot which ones I mean :)

I truly believe that even if I go back to Hamburg again in the future ( which is highly likely considering how welcome everyone was at the Wu Dao school ) I would go to this exhibit again! And most likely still be finding things I did not see the first time around!

I mean if I went back I would have to try to go to the scenes in the opposite time of day/night cycle as I had last night. Since the whole place would go from day to night in a 15 minute rotation. So the scenes and what was put into focus changed constantly throughout the trip!

But when it was all done, as stated, we went for a tour around the city a bit more. Get some of that local feel.. and also to walk through an underground tunnel! I remember everyone telling me the history and stories behind it but I think the walking did my brain in as well and I forgot everything they said! Doh!

Was quite impressive though all the same. More so considering that it caters to pedestrians, cyclists, and cars! Has stairs for those walking and wishing to hike up and down them. But also foot traffic elevators, and car elevators!

Pretty cool! And we saw other things too but mostly this Michelle guy/person kept asking for his photo to be taken.. so here are a few to cater to his inner narcissist mentality ;)

I picked the most flattering of him of course!

Was a great time though, and was happy to see some of the city while we had the chance. As much as I would love to have been painting instead, I think this was much more needed considering what was to come over the rest of the week! Sounds ominous.. doesn't it? Not really, but still lots was done, and the beastly model was painted further.. stay tuned for those photos! In the meantime, check out the Picasa folder to see more of the Wunderland, and our tour of the city..


  1. You lucky lucky man! Everytime I was in Hamburg I tried to get there but I never found the time to do so (although it was just 5 minutes away). I hope you also walked through the Reeperbahn and had a look at the Davidswache and all the stuff :)

    1. We did go down the Reeperbahn indeed.. and the red light district.. very interesting place in the day time :) Was quite the place to go to though and will have to check it out again when I go back ( most likely next year!!! ).

    2. You have to go there when its dark! :) Not to visit the "establishments" there but to catch the atmosphere there. Had my Hotel everytime in St. Pauli within a stone throw of the Reeperbahn and it really is awesome there.
      And yes Reeperbahn was the first time I was adressed by a "lady of the night". Pretty confusing :D

  2. That place is amazing, glad you had a good time!

    1. Was pretty awesome indeed. Good time was not be adequate to describe the day... definitely worth the trip.

  3. WOW! You died and went to heaven. I could get lost there for days, so many details, it's mind boggling.

    When I was a little girl I used to dream of going to Hamburg. To me, it seemed exotic, free and full of music and the most artistic of people. So much more exciting than London to me then. Glad to hear you had such a good time.

    Get some rest and wind down from the excitement!

    1. It was pretty cool indeed. Didn't go out too much to see non-geek related activities like concerts or music or art... but it was still pretty cool to see more than the studio and hang out with some locals.

      Slowly am re-adjusting back to reality and not workshop painting mode. It is getting harder and harder to do that though after each trip :)

  4. Superb 12 euro sounds cheap to me


    1. It was and it was not.. sometimes my wallet screams in Turkish Lira and it was then in the 30s.. but still a great time and worth it in the end.


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