Thursday, October 10, 2013

Behind the BAM!

Craziness... I think this perfectly describes the feeling of what happens when paint brushes are not in hands.. more so when hanging out at the WuDao!

Beware that this post will be very picture heavy.. hope you all enjoy!

So first I would like to thank Massive Voodoo for having the sessions, and allowing me to join. I say this, cause I don't speak German. Only things I know in German are not really applicable nor appropriate for a painting class :) So the fact that they continue to allow me to join, and adapt to English is wonderful!

Second I want to thank this man..

Ekk! Ok.. not exactly this guy.. but this guy below.. not in costume and trying to cause me to have nightmares..

Shifu Heiko.. owner of the WuDao Kung Fu school. Kung Fu expert ( master level over 9000!!! ), Photographer, teacher, Warhammer gamer, painter, gaming club owner, workshop facilitator, father figure to many, and all around great guy! Honestly.. the only complaint I have about him.. is that I don't live close enough to go and say hi more often.

Between running his school, painting his Brekk or Andrea model ( may she rest in pieces... ), running around getting drinks and snacks for everyone in the classes, and helping to set up a great photo shoot for everyone involved.. I mean.. really? Whats not to like about this guy! Plus he has a great top floor full of rooms for rent for participants and teachers alike to make the trip for out of townees more comfortable. Fantastic!

Some pretty cool videos from the WuDao can be found here also.. but seeing it in person is even more cool. 

And when you think of photos.. here is a quick selection of them from the 2 classes.. 

You can see a lot more photos from the BAM class photo shoots here done by Heiko if you are interested.. 

For the non-class related models you can see that the talent was huge to begin with considering some of these pieces shown below.. 

And of course the students and teachers working hard throughout the classes... 

Lots of serious faces, and serious work. So much concentration to incorporate the learning of the class into their Brekk Busts.. but don't think that there was not some fun moments in the class also though!


Some funny. some tired, some crazy... all fun though!

And last.. just a couple of shots of what Roman/Raffa look like when not so serious for the class..

 "Why you no paint more Kyle?"

The whole gang and then some while visiting Berlin in the middle of the week and spending a ton of cash at the Battlefield Berlin shop! Great place, and home of the UDock Wild Hunter!

And a shot of what happens when you get to wear a WuDao sweatshirt while doing a painting class. You only can do your smartphone games while in a bowing position.. :)

And to finish things off, taking a lead from the photogenic Roman here.. a couple of Selfsies of me working on the massive bust from UDock through the last weekend.. showing the different paint brush holding techniques required to tackle this piece.. 

The stacking hand technique.. 

Hand on wrist style.. 

The 2 hands, master style... 

And the final... why am I still painting the eyebrows technique. 

So yeah.. a post with more pictures than words.. Hope you enjoyed them.. and tomorrow I will try to sum up what this entire experience meant to me overall.. Enjoy!


  1. Hola
    DIOSSS que miedo dais en la foto esa tipo 300 todos con las armas jajajaja
    Buenas las escenas y el busto,me gusta eso de que se pinte un buen grupo de gente es lo mejor
    un saludo

    1. Hey JD,
      En realidad se trataba de un gran grupo de chicos, y un momento interesante tenido por todos. Sólo se muestra la locura detrás de la gravedad.

  2. Excellent pictures of fun, madness and miniatures, very envious Kyle!

    1. Thanks Fran.. it was all of the above and more actually.. really good experience.. more insights of it though tomorrow ;)

  3. There is only a small line between madness and genius... :D

    1. And Roman and Raffa walk that line so well... :)

  4. The pics are fantastic-these are the ones I was talking about where you guys looked like such cute little boys at play! As serious as the classes are, you've got to take breaks to get your head out of it or you'd go mad.

    Looking forward to reading your final thoughts.

    1. What? Us? Little boys playing dress up? No... neva!!!! But it was quite a lot of fun.. and I only put up the "safe" photos :)

      Final thoughts, journey to the inside of my psyche, comes with us tomorrow :) Enjoy!


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