Monday, October 14, 2013

Mr Lee is now on Facebook!

With all the comments from the BAM, and Germany, and Alice posts.. one of the ones that really stuck around was to ask for a Facebook page. Since not everyone is on google+, or within the old blog-o-sphere these days..

So last Friday that is exactly what I did.. I set up the official Mr Lee's Painting Emporium Facebook page! Which will just pretty much have links back to this blog.. or to my Putty&Paint account.. or some other random things that I find on the net that I think is pretty cool looking.

Check it out if your liking those kind of things.. or not.. keep up with my happenings and doings here on Blogger land instead.. that is cool too!

Currently however it is Bayram Holidays in Turkey. So that means Mr Lee here is off once more for vacation! Friends tell me I vacation too much.. I think I don't vacation enough.. differing opinions ensue! So not sure what I will post up, if anything, over this week.. but expect lots for the following week! I hope to get in some decent painting!


  1. People are just jealous that you vacation too much......including me!

    1. Thanks Fran.. don't worry I only have 1 or 2 more this year left ;)

  2. A well deserved step and vacation I would say :)

    1. Thanks Roman! Feel free to like the new page also when you get a chance ;)


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