Monday, October 21, 2013

Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter

OK.. OK.. before anyone points it out.. yes I did say a while ago that I would not be doing any more kickstarters for a while. And this is kinda true... except it isn't :)

Considering that I have been following this a bit, and seeing some of the work behind the scenes ( thank you Facebook and friends ) it was really simple to back this project.

So what is this? Another boxed board game? With some pretty models? Well.. yeah, pretty much. I know that Roman has been working on the Monkey King for the owner/creator of this for a while, and was to have it sent prior to the KS being started. Not sure if that succeeded though as no updates on his blog ( hint hint ) though he might not be able to do it also so... Hopefully we will see photos of it soon as the basing he did was pretty cool!

But why back another board game after the failures seen in others... like Sedition Wars?

For me it was simple as the dynamics of this game feel more like a dungeon crawler style than the 2 player games like Sedition Wars. And I am always a sucker for a good dungeon crawler..

Plus it comes with pretty models :)

I opted to pledge for the Journey: Wrath of Demons Collectors box as well, and was lucky enough to get into the second wave of Early Bird specials to get a whooping 9$ off compared to those taking the normal price. Woot woot!

Why spend another 81$ more though than the original box? Actually now that I am writing it in the blog, I am kind of wondering that myself.. aside from the fact that I am getting the 4 pilgrims ( main characters of the game ) in resin, and also getting access to the higher tier awards... but aside from that.. no idea! Will see in time if this was worth it or not, but the upcoming reward at 130k is looking promising.. more so with it being a collector's only upgrade.

Now the pledges are not going through the roof any more.. and it has slowed down a lot in interest so the reward levels are not being shattered as quickly as some backers had hoped. I think they are looking at it like this is the next Mantic/Reaper/Kingdom Death project which smashed through goal after goal in record time and reached epic heights of funding.

But then again, those were advertised to all hell for a long time prior to going up, or have quite an established fan base and made those explosions easy. This is a newer, up and coming company project. Something that Kickstarter was originally geared towards helping out instead of the big guys jumping in and scooping up all the money.

Is that to say it won't be highly successful? No idea actually but getting to 110k in less than a week is not too bad in my book. I know others that have had a much harder time at it ( Check Wappel's Painting Pyramid which ran for a month and barely got 45k ).

What I do hate, is not the project, but the backers now. Those specifically that are complaining that the reward levels are too spread out, and that the rewards do not justify the levels to reach them. Or that it has slowed down so much, that is it even worth backing then?

Seriously? Seriously, you think that unless a million people back it, it can't be worth it? Or that you have pledged the minimum, which is getting the game at a discount, and you are complaining that you are not getting enough MORE free stuff to go with it?!?! Seriously?

It is sad that this platform for funding new projects is becoming like this.. when in reality we are funding someone elses dreams to be able to do what they love. Start up their own company. And create something for themselves. If you don't like it.. the exit is to your left.

But I digress.. I am backing it because of the above, but also because I love to see this community evolve. I love to see new artists and new themes appear to expand our horizons as to what gaming and miniatures can be. And I love that it is not GW! So instant win there..

So yeah.. give this kickstarter a look.. poke around.. there should be a game play video coming up soon ( hopefully ) and I believe if it is anything like the one from Myth, then it will help push the pledges more. And hopefully they begin to put more photos up of their models so that we can see them in greater details. Even if they are the resin versions instead of the plastics that will come with the game itself.

I mean this is pretty cool.. and I am looking forward to painting it up when I receive it.

Enjoy and hopefully see you in the backers comments!


  1. Hola
    No las colecciono y no las conocía,pero tienen buena pinta
    un saludo

  2. i am glad that you found yet another kickstarter project to support -and bury your monies in- dude :)

    It is a good post and I have been feeling the same frustration about KS projects for quite some time now. Fancy projects from the big guys (most notably Mantic) are routinely showing up and banking huge money; but i think it is against what kickstarter is here for. Kickstarter should be for individuals who are trying to establish a business or trying to do some fan stuff, not a project financing method of corporations.

    Kickstarter should provide funding, not finance.

    1. I do get a little irritated by some of Mantic's campaigns, but I read an argument that I can no longer find which made me change my mind.

      In short, Kickstarter is an alternative funding model. If you say no to anyone, whether Zach Braff's movie or Mantic's latest game that looks remarkably like someone else's game but different - then you aren't making it accessible to everyone.

      I'm also quite impressed by Kickstarter's own stats about how these larger corporate projects attract people who have not used Kickstarter before, and who then start crowdfunding other, smaller projects. If the larger projects are bringing more people to the medium, then that alone is justification for it them to continue to use it.

    2. Thanks BuRock.. and indeed as you can see I share the sentiments..

      Though what The Responsible One says is also ringing true to me as well. And that is a good point to make, but the thing that I wonder is do those that have backed the big guys, still back some of the smaller guys? I think I might have to investigate this and do a random sampling of backers and see where else they have gone and spent money on KS.

      Nice thought process on that though, and thanks for sharing it!

  3. I love the style of Journey - Wrath of Demons and managed to luck out and get one of the models early through kickstarter and is really very nice. I must ask them whether it is resin or plastic... if it is plastic then its very good quality!

    Needy kickstarter backers are an absolute bane to any company working to get crowd funding... oddly I find it really winds me up! There seems to be a sense of entitlement in the communities that crop up around the projects... especially CMoN ones for some reason.

    I dont know if that is because they are courting a possibly more demanding boardgames crowd or the fact they are trying to please wargamers and boardgamers who can have very different requirements/expectations? But its frustrating as an onlooker none-the-less!

    1. Hey Avicenna, I think what you received was resin though, as the FB winners all received that. And what they are planning in the KS itself is a new medium that they have yet to receive any samples for.

      But as you point out, the need for entitlement is getting a bit much these days. Again it is not a store itself, but a platform to help get new ideas off the ground. And the point you make concerning catering to 2 fields is a hard one to master. I think the lack of focus for a genre is what can make or break a project in a lot of ways. More so in our niche environment that we have today!

  4. Looks like a good thing for when it's too cold to get into the garage.

    1. Yup.. and with me going to UK soon, can bring it up for a round or 2.. see if we can convince the wives to join us in a round.. maybe? Possibly? Ok.. will bring the kid and they can tend to him instead ;)


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