Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WIP Infinity Morat Vanguard

Ok so over the weekend when I should be working on other topics, I started on this fellow.

Who is he? A random Combined Army Morat Vanguard Trooper from Infinity. That is who.

I picked him up from last years IzmirCon, and since I was unable to go to this years ( due to conflicting schedule with MV workshop ) I decided I should paint him up in tribute.

Actually, it was also in tribute to the MV workshop as I applied some of the techniques from the class into this model. Plus, he is the only model in my collection that comes close to being a monkey.. or rather a space monkey. So thought that might also fit into the MV style a bit more also :)

The biggest thing I tried here was to keep a consistent scheme running throughout the modle. A saturated color tone, that used the same highlights and low light mixes. What do I mean by that? This actually..

Regardless of main color, I used the same colors to highlight or shade them. In the shade region we have P3 Coal Black ( no Deep Sea Blue at home yet ) and Vallejo Model Black. For highlights I used Vallejo Model Stone Grey, and White. Vallejo Thinner, and GW Nuln Oil and Drakehof Nightshade.

Regardless of the color that I threw into the middle of these colors, I used them exclusively to give my colors depth or height. I think in the end it was a useful experiment to try out. Also makes the color selection a bit more important as some colors reacted well to them while others not so much. Though the biggest thing I liked is that it gave the model a unified look even though I used different shades.

Colors used throughout the project were..

 Starting with the pants sections I worked with a Brown violet base. First time using this color aside from the twigs on my model from the workshop. I actually found it to be quite an interesting color, and since it comes from the Panzer line of Vallejo's color range, I thought it would be good as a military color.

Seems that was a correct thing to do as it turned out great as a base color throughout a majority of the model.
Next color up was the Mahogany Brown, which is more of a red color. I thought that it would work well in contrast to the green. Not as strong as my normal colors so my hope was that the model would not come out as a Christmas elf in the end.

I think I won in that arena though, and it turned out as I hoped it would. More saturated in the end. It came out almost as if the armor plates were made of clay though. Not sure how much I like that, but I do like the effect in the end so.. win I guess?
For the more darker elements on the armor, I used a base of GW's Eshen Grey color. Mixing it with the other Vallejos was decent, but not the best experience. Nor was the fact that it was turning into too much of a metal effect, which was not what I was wanting.

Need to be more careful with greys and how they look when trying to blend them in the future.
For the bags and horns, I used Vallejo Burnt Umber. After shaking what for seemed like forever, it finally came out in the consistency that I was looking for.

Overall, a good color once it is mixed properly.
For the arms, I wanted something a big more flashy, and in the original paint scheme they were an ice blue. But since I was already quite unsaturated on the model, I thought a more bold color would be better here. So went with Prussian Blue as a base. Really made the arms pop out in the end.

I had also used red on the face, but forgot to take a photo of it. You can see the difference between a saturated and unsaturated red being used and the impact it had on the model.

In the end I had what I think is an above table top, or a good model for display purposes. I still have to make a base for it. Not quite sure how I will tackle it, but I am sure I will think of something here. Once that is finished, I will post more photos of the 2 together and what the display model looks like in the end.

Some more photos of the Morat below..

For some reason the photos did not come out all that great. Will see what I can do to improve them later on!

As always, love to hear your thoughts on this model!



  1. Nice stuff, and I can see the MV influence. I'd say that the overall effect is a bit pastel-y. Some stronger colours are needed to make the whole thing pop.

    1. Hola
      Pues te esta quedando muy guapa,unas transaciones finas
      Eso si para gusto personal YO se saturaria algunas luces estremas para que resaltara,solo en alguan parte,pero ya te digo a titulo personal
      atento te sigo

    2. Cheers guys.. agreed that it needs more stronger or saturated colors here. Will have to rethink my palette some more. But am glad that the MV influence can be seen here :)

      Gracias por esto. El mismo comentario que como PO arriba entonces. Hacer un poco de los colores un poco más brillantes.
      Esto fue más una prueba de ver si podía hacer el contraste suficiente, y en algunas zonas ha funcionado, en otros no tanto. A lo mejor es porque ellos no están saturados suficiente. Habrá que replantearse los colores principales y mirar en abordarlo más.
      Gracias como siempre!

  2. Looking great so far, especialy its face, great job!

  3. I like the understated colour of the pastels. Things don't always have to "pop" and I think there is an elegance to this piece exactly the way it is.


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