Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Daemons of Chaos: Plague Drones WIP

So it was a hectic weekend of running around as most days are now.. our house sale has finalized, so we begin the process of packing and looking for a new place to move to!

With that in mind, although I spent a bit of time on the Morat, I have shelved it for now and picked up the brush to the Plague Drones that I picked up last week while in UK. I have 3 more to go with these, but wanted to see how the colors would work on it.

Still very WIP status here, but are coming along nicely all the same. Need to adjust the wings some though as currently they will be hell to rank up!

They are just sitting on there with the pins from airbrushing them.

Not sure how I will do the legs yet.. might be similar coloring to the body, or might do like the wings/shells instead. Will see.

Worked on this instead of the gangers as I was also experimenting on some leather texturing on another model ( shhh its a secret one still ) and want to get it right before hitting the gangers. Am hoping to really make the leather stand out with them when I am finished here. Let's hope that works.

As seen above, not a lot of colors used in the making of these really. Was pretty straight forward really with the Sybanite Green being the most prominent, and the washs/glazes doing the heavy lifting here. Back rank of greys are for the wings.

Don't expect much from me this month though as I continue to look for a new place to live, get ready to move, move, travel for work, and hopefully fit in some painting between it all! Not sure how much, but let's see all the same!

Oh and somewhere in all this, I really need to clean up around my painting area.. cause it is just getting too chaotic! Plus my latest spending spree for models is really not helping much!



  1. Terrible I love this Green, I look after to see the evolution ;)

    1. Terrible? :) Will try to incorporate some of JD's ideas on this, and add some brown to the recesses or darkest areas. To give a bit of contrast to the model itself.
      Thanks for following!

  2. Hola
    Buenas piezas,poco que comentar,como dices llevas poco,pero lo que se ve tiene buena pinta.
    Sobre las patas yo las pintaría de otro color al del cuerpo,para que destacaran,no del mismo que las alas tampoco,usaría colores marrones,tipo tierras o la base de las alas mezcladas con un marrón¿¿¿.
    Atento estoy.
    un saludo

    1. De acuerdo. Todavía necesita un poco más de contraste, pero no son para jugar, así que no estoy demasiado preocupado demasiado con él todo lo que normalmente sería. Pero añadiendo un poco de café a las secciones inferiores parece una idea genial! Un poco saturado, tal vez, no tan a superar a todo el modelo.

      Gracias como siempre por los comentarios!

  3. Really lovely painting. I must say, this genre allows for much livelier colors than historicals. Best, Dean


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