Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Nathelis

So with all the painting workshops that I attend lately I figured I should begin to give some credit to those that help me achieve this.

Nathelis's new blog showing his work and also p1per's work. 

Obviously I could start with the MV crew, however I will save that one for later.

Where I would like to start is with my Austrian Painting Mentor, Nathelis! Having posted things up on the Brushbrothers&Sisters forums a lot over the last months, he has been the main person to keep pushing me throughout my painting work. Not to say that the others on the forum haven't, but Nathelis has continued past the forums to give me advice, and set aside time to chat via messenger etc to give me hints.

He even goes as far as to take an extra step within his forum threads to point out how he did something or what colors he uses and references back to me while doing so.. like here on his latest work for Catelyn Stark.

Biggest thing I can say about Nathelis at this time is that he is quite the focused painter. Always looking on how to make the model as realistic as possible. Citing real photos for inspiration, and looking at how to achieve those affects. Always learning, always explaining, and always pushing those around him to do better!

His blog, Miniature Fairy Tales can be linked to from here, or the banner above. Be sure to follow him, as I can expect that many will find something there to inspire them to new heights!

You can also see his work in more details on his Putty&Paint profile here as well.

So if you get a chance, check out his new blog, and below see a few of his works.. hopefully he doesn't mind being spotlighted here and having his work being shown off a bit more than it is already! My favorites from his collection are below.. but I will let you all go to his profile and site to see his other newer works.

Enjoy! Now back to normal painting for me while trying to think how I could make such works myself :)

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