Monday, April 1, 2013

Project UK: Necromunda Gangers Finished

Or at least the first batch of 6 are finished..

Above is just a shot showing the group of 6 together. This is where I tried a few news things as explained in my last WIP post.

The only real change between the 2 photos is these their bases are finished, and their guns and holsters highlighted. Oh and the plasma cannon got some more highlights on the plasma portions..

Played around with the focus settings on my camera also.. just cause I could ;)

Back row in focus here.. 

Attempted to get the middle row in focus here.. 

On another note.. last month was a massive break through on my blog hits! 7,369 views! Record since starting this! Highlights of course were joining Faeit212 which gave 991 hits in a single day! Also the workshop with Roman drew a lot of hits as well. Thanks to being posted up on the Massive Voodoo FB page. I would shudder to think what would have happened had I been shown on their blog itself! Oh and TutoFig blog also promoted my making hills tutorial from days gone by!

All in all, a good month. Not to mention that I got to actually go to a workshop, and re-learn how to paint some items. Increasing the quality, but decreasing my speed in the process. Sacrifices have to be made at times I guess.

Curious as to how this month will shape up though. Starting the month off with me heading to UK for a week ( Tuesday to Friday ) and then seeing if the sale of my house finalizes this weekend. If that happens, then I have until May 15th to pack up, and move! But still locally as the other conversations of my moving to UK are still in the works. Let's see what time brings us for projects and painting time this month.. in the meantime I have a few topics coming up that you all might enjoy.. till then..


  1. Another formidable looking group and many congratulations on the increased hits - nice one Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael for the comments! Now to tackle the next 16 gangers, and also the future with regards to blogging! New milestones to come!

  2. Hola
    Buena remesa,buen detalle el del cañon de plasma

    1. Gracias JD.
      Fue una prueba con algunos pigmentos brillantes azules de Monkey Studios forjados. La tripulación de Massive Voodoo tienen su propia línea de pigmentos. Necesitan más pruebas, pero sin duda gusta hacia donde va!


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