Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dwarf Alchemist

A new release for Mr Lee's Minis whereby we have this wonderful new Dwarf Bust ready to show off. I was lucky to get Kris over at BrokenToad to cast up a test piece for me to paint up while we wait for the larger batch to get completed.

Sculpted by the talented Przemysław Szymczyk from Poland.

I was lucky enough to jump on it quick enough when it was first announced on Facebook direct from the artist. It was a quick jump from there to getting it cast up and now to have it released!

I played around with the first copy by using mostly primary colors to get all the shades done. Though I have to notice that the piece came out a bit grey at times due to the primary choices I had on hand.

I was also learning on how to use Jo Sonya paints. Although nice, and fluid, they are a bit too much at times. Such as when I began to do some washes from the GW range, it was pulling up a bit of the Jo Sonyas.

The texture on the cloak was really nicely done and can be seen throughout the model here.

I really wanted to do some extra colors within the piece so added a lot of red throughout the cloak here to give it some variation.

The odd piece here and there throughout the piece was also nice. Such as the small tears on the cloak, or the beard beads placed throughout his locks from the chin.

I could still push the contrast further on him here, but have left it as it were for now. As it will give a good idea of how the model can be painted up for shows, and sit nicely on the display shelves for conventions.

Currently available from Mr Lee's Minis via our messaging system or can email us at to order one!

Sitting at 55mm tall, and cast in High Quality resin by BrokenToad.

Hope you enjoy it and hope to see more of them painted up soon!

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