Friday, March 25, 2016

More Canadians..

Same photo as before, but with a purpose...

During the week and part of last weekend I was able to get a bit more painting done on this force. Nothing special, but just something that allowed me to get the troops up there and ready for the game last Tuesday.

As you can see, I did my best to get all the infantry portions finished at the very least.

As you can see, the only things that were not painted were the Scout Cars, the Armored Car, and the artillery piece ( which was liberated from my USMC forces actually ).

I am really starting to like how the infantry are coming together. Not the fastest to paint, nor the cleanest paint job overall. But it somehow works for the gritty nature that I am aiming for. In parts I am trying to work on the contrast, but then again it is not coming together as well as I would like.

The first of my 2 SAS units wielding SMGs. I cannot say how nasty these guys are overall.. and I love playing with them, and more so after reading a bit more of the rules for them. They having the fanatic rules, along with the Up and At 'Em rules makes them better shooting Japanese troops. But more expensive overall.

So I really had a ton of fun painting them up, and made the 2 units have a bit of a difference in shades as well. But I cannot say how I will paint up my third unit ( which is not full of SMGs, it is more Vickers based ).

Hopefully over the Easter break, aside from garage cleaning, I will have a chance to finish off the rest of the infantry, and maybe have a start in on the armor. Wish me luck!


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