Thursday, March 24, 2016

Another Battle Report vs DAK

So it seems that I am getting a bit lucky in having the time to play a few games these days. The house getting closer to being fully put away, so the time is available for more gaming.

Above was my army in the game on Tuesday night, where I faced off against the same DAK Germans in what we can only say was not North Afrika :)

I didn't switch up my army too much overall, but a few small changes..

- 2nd Lieutenant w/ trooper
- 2x 8 SAS w/ SMGs
- 2x M3 Scout Cars
- 2x 10 infantry w/SMG
- Medium Howitzer
- AEC Mk 3
- Forward Observer

Fairly small once more with only 10 order dice, but still decent enough to get the job done. Especially with the 2 units of SAS kicking around in M3s. Scary units once more!

This game was for Demolition. So with my artillery, infantry unit, observer and a M3 loaded with SAS I gave it a good shot to start with. Not much happened within the first turn though, except for a bit of positioning, and trying to understand how we would both tackle the objectives. My SAS were able to do a bit of damage to his veteran unit, but not much else occurred. Most were missing many of their shots, but my observer did lay down his fire order beside the DAK objective base.

I was hoping to see more damage from my SAS squad shooting their 8 SMGs, but with the long range, and hard cover not many were doing much. Plus the DAK being veterans also made doing damage difficult!

Second turn we saw much happen once more. Second M3 came online with the other SAS unit, and zoomed straight forward to try to gain some ground. SAS moved up, and was able to do more damage now that they were point blank range, and on the good side of the hard cover. Problem from myself was the delay of the artillery. I kept it where it was, but I really do wish that 3 was a 4....

I was also finding out at this point that his reinforcements were in outflank.. and with it being 5 units worth, this was going to spell trouble for me and my unguarded base.

Although my SAS here at 1 pin now, I was looking forward to seeing them pop over the hard cover and decimate those veterans.. or at least that was the plan for me.. and the Up and At 'Em would be very helpful for this...

Turn 3.. first off.. I have to say that the Forward Observer is going to die.. he might be free, but he is not going to be coming back to my army after these effects. He rolled a 1.. the Germans moved it to smack both the SAS and Infantry units, plus his own unit of Veterans. The infantry and Germans only took some Pins, but the SAS got smashed to oblivion..

Thankfully the other M3 carrying the other SAS unit was able to move up forward, and drop them into the cover. Where they were able to finish off the veterans that were in the open. 16 shots, at point blank, and against a unit in the open is very helpful..

I was having to recce my AEC though, and my infantry in reserve decided it was tea time more than time to join the fight once again.

Meanwhile my left flank was getting very busy with a 251 and a 222 popping up, along with more Veterans within striking distance of my objective. It was now a race to see who could reach the objective first..

At this point my SAS had assaulted his light mortar but were literally half an inch away from the objective. Meanwhile my infantry that ran away from his units now charged his tank, but failed to do anything. Artillery did nothing once more.. My reserves finally popped up and then sat in front of the objective on my side, while my AEC finally turned around to do nothing to the infantry other than place a pin on them. Which was enough to cause them to have problems.

My observer also began to put some pins onto the 251/1 causing it to sit still.. which had just placed some decent pins onto my M3 with Command within it.

Turn 5.. and the SAS claimed the objective when they charged the MMG team sitting in cover. They would not be moved from that spot, and my own objective was too well guarded with the infantry sitting in the way.

In the end it was a close game, and I think if the advancing DAK Veterans didn't fail a morale test, I think he could have captured it easily. Also if the Germans were a bit more aggressive against the Canadians, then we would have seen a different game as well. Something that we discussed at the end, and how he could have changed the flow of the game many times.

Poor mistakes on my end also cause some unneeded casualties, but I think overall my plan was solid, and kept me moving.

I have another game against Germans next week, though I am unsure of what theatre of war they are from. Though I am starting to get my groove on with this army.. and the points have been increased to 1250 pts ( an extra 250 pts compared to this game ). So it should be interesting to see how much I can increase the army with.. though I suspect I will just be adding upon the above list. Adding maybe another unit, and a tank perhaps? Cause I suspect that the list is quite formidable as it is, and the addition of another unit and tank might just give me some extra umph here to deal with new threats. Though with only 12 units in 1250 pts I am suspect if that will be enough to do much. Will see soon enough then..

Enjoy the extended weekend here if you get it.. am going to be working on the gaming table and cleaning up the garage. To have the chance to play more games at home now will be a nice addition and maybe a morale boost for myself! Time will tell I guess :)


  1. It sounds good. As I do not play Bolt action I can make no suggestions or recommendations for the extra points.

  2. Another great report and good luck with the garage clear out - what Bank Holidays were made for.


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