Monday, March 21, 2016

Canadians Force eh?

So it has been a while since I have been working on some actual painting projects, but here is the latest one. Before moving house I had been stockpiling many models for this project for a while now.. and now that the move of house and studio are more or less complete I can begin to work on it.

Some of the main components can be seen above there.. many of them coming from the Desert in the Sun battle packs that were available a while back. I picked up 2 of them to get me started. Along with some other vehicles to add to the mix, including many transports.

Many of the first batch can be seen here and assembled. Ready for the mega paint push! Heck you can even see the first test paint models in the back there that are the first HQ units to be made for them.

I assembled them wrongly it seems as the headset guy on the left should be carrying the radio, but whatever...

The color scheme came out quite light and bleached for my tastes. Not terrible mind you, but not fully what I was looking for either. Though the details on the Perry Miniatures there is quite crisp which is pretty cool.

Now since this is my 3rd Bolt Action army ( I have an addiction I know ) I want to paint them to a bit higher ability for the table top. And I also want to have a few more extras thrown in them throughout the force.

So for example, the above little scene was to show off the observer and his fellow comrade out on patrol. I really like to have some bikes in the army, but they do not exist really. So this was a way of me getting one into it without having to use any real rules for it.

I think he came out well in the end.. and the base was quite something to see when on the table in the last game. Ok, he also is very easy to spot, and thus a target for the enemy to shoot at, but potato, potatoe..

Also my first 5 troopers are done and ready for the table as well. I really tried to make the contrast on them more, and can be seen from a good distance.. I think I have achieved this partially or at least enough to call them done there.

I also have spent a few nights getting a few more models painted up for the force. Mostly HQ or individuals that will sit within different aspects of the army.

The more I am painting though, the more that I am looking to not have a fully uniform look and feel. I think it will give more character to the overall army, so long as I can keep some sort of consistency with regards to the basing now. Even if there is a small variation from place to place.

I also finally received this book in the mail. Gives a nice collection of images and descriptions of the different camouflage and squad markings that were used by the Canadians in different selectors. I plan not to use decals ( as I am terrible with them, and also can't remember where I packed them ) so freehand some of this will be very interesting. But also very cool to make them very personalized.

Need to have a proper sit down with it though to really grasp it and understand exactly how the markings worked, and where they would sit on a tank. Then I can work out the painting of them better once I get to that part of them.

I will do another post to show some different camo styles that were used in North Africa/Sicily campaigns ( both by Canadians and the British commonwealth ) that I am thinking about. I do not want to just go pure sand, so hence why there are some options popping up.. until then.. enjoy!


  1. Very nice Kyle, I love the additional base work on the observer and motorcyclist - very cool.

    1. Thanks Michael.. am liking that one the most as well so far, but hope to make some more that rival it ;)

  2. Excellent ! I expect that you've finished them all by now....

    1. Almost ;) Though not really.. it is almost done in the infantry, but after the last game it shows that I need more infantry to bolster the tanks :D


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