Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wasteland Warrior Naming Contest!

I want to first thank everyone who has shared or got in touch with us concerning this release yesterday! So much appreciation to everyone for their support on this project of ours!

To give back, we want to also run a contest to give a copy of the bust away for free!

What do you have to do? Simply comment below this article or on Facebook below the sharing of this article with a suggestion of what should we call this fine fellow from the wastelands?

We will run it for 2 weeks to collect as many names as we can, and then post up a poll ( on Facebook ) of the top 5 names that we think really fit the model coming from those suggested. And from the poll we will let everyone following us here to decide on what he should be called!

The winner, chosen by you, will then receive one of the busts for free!

Please help us share this information, and looking forward to hearing all the ideas coming from everyone!


  1. I go on vacation for one week and come back to this kind of awesome! I shall dub thee: Nomad


    1. A lot can happen when one goes on Vacation indeed ;)

  2. Hey :D

    How much does it cost? ^^

    1. Email me at Mrleesminis (at) for more details. As the shipping costs can change the value ;)

  3. As a western fan I would give him the name "Clint"

  4. Replies
    1. Yes. sure. The more the merrier ;) And share with others to get more ideas here!

  5. These are great ideas all so far, please keep them coming!!!!


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