Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guild Ball - Butchers Brisket

So Guild Ball is doing a tremendous job in the community as of late. It is really hard to look on Facebook without seeing a competition or tournament or painted models popping up all over UK! Which is fantastic to see!

I was lucky enough to receive a few models back last summer, and honestly am sad to say that I have not done much with them since then. I had assembled them, and well as you can see that wouldn't take too much time here.

A bit of flash, some spare metal kicking off some spots, and then a quick glue/pin of the arm to the body.

Once assembled, I had originally thought about doing up some custom bases for them. But then I thought since I also have the full starter boxes on top of these versions, than I would do a quick starter faction version to play in demos, and then do up the proper box sets as a more custom set perhaps. That is my thought at the moment.

So basic gravel and sand based were applied here. And then covered in watered down PVA glue. A couple of layers actually...

Several layers of wet blending, dry brushing and washes later and this is the results. I think I hit it again with a lighter beige color afterwards.

You can also see the beginning of the pants and boots here. Figured some nice tight leather pants and boots were in order for her. I mean she is part of the butcher guild.. so I suspect that leather is something that is easy for her to get her hands on. And also is easier to clean blood off of than cloth pants.. am I right?

I also began to give her a bit of a bronze like skintone here. I was asked by a German friend of mine why I was doing the sections one at a time.. well.. simple answer is that it was due to not having a clue on how it was going to turn out. And that I just started from the bottom on up on her. The red on the loincloth was a bit glossy due to the inks used, but I would tone that down with some matte varnish later on.

Not a lot of photos from this point to the finished piece though.. mostly cause I began to get really frustrated with the skintones for her chest.

It just did not want to play nicely with here at all. Spent far too long on this section ( and not intentionally I might add! ) compared to what I was expecting to.

Though I was having a lot of fun with regards to painting up the model as a whole, and as someone stated on Facebook, the face came out very Disney like.. and I suspect there will be a fair few of them that might turn out like that as well in the future based on the sculpts. Not a bad thing, but something to be aware of I guess.

Overall it was nice to paint up, and since I have another one to do in the future, I can think of how I might do it differently when that comes around. Heck I might do the main teams in completely different fashion and color scheme overall.. Who knows when I get to them!

Anyways... hope you like this quick little article.. and hopefully a review of the full starter teams will come.. but also some more painted figures in the near future! Might be nice to get the butchers all finished quickly, and then onto the Fishermen starter guild.


  1. hmmm, paint her with plaid top and short shorts and you've got a dead ringer for mary-ann from gilligan's island o_O

  2. Awesome start dude. Shame its not on a team as amazing as Morticians but awesome never the less ;)

  3. Cracking start, there is a lot of love out there for Guild Ball so I'm interested to see how this develops.


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