Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Relic reinforcements...

So I have been on a bit of a hiatus from painting in general. It is one of those slumps that hits you and doesn't want to let go of its grip regardless of what you say to them! I have started a few projects of late, but none of them are really making the progress that I would have liked from them. Nor going the direction that I had hoped.

With that then it means to jump back into table top gaming models instead. Pick up my mojo from there and see what can be done with them!

Above is a shot of my Relic Britanan army. The mad dollies of the British King..

Originally I only had the first 9 troopers painted up.. of which 8 are sitting here still (one was donated to the Jack Crowe fund.. aka to give his forces some extra painted umph! ).

But then I wanted to have more troopers painted up.. and I really should have a commander painted up to play with! Well originally the plan was to get some more painted up so that I could play with some more painted pieces on Tuesday night at the club.. however that got sidejacked with the Mrs heading off to Belgium for a workshop.. work life trumps geek life sometimes..

So I picked up the puppeteer and gave him a quick paint job..

Nothing fancy with him, and most of it was wet blended and played around while watching Fast and the Furious 6.

The ground and jacket colors are a bit off from the troopers, but since I am still getting to grips on what style I like, I am ok with this. I still need to also finish his backpack sticks and string. But that will come soon enough.

Then I picked up a few of the specialist troops that I had..

A bomber and 2 marksmen. All very crazy in the game. Marksmen have crazy range and can do some serious hurt, while the bomber can be quite the diversionary tactic to play against the opponent.. cause when it goes boom, it can take out quite a selection of models with it ;) Kinda a no brainer on why they were painted up quickly, plus they account for a large amount of points for me to get into a game with.

Here I got them to a basic color scheme before adding some shadows/highlights and the all important washes to go with them. Can't say that they are the best painted again, but again they are for gaming and I wanted to have something done quickly.

Really simple painting here, with lots of washes and darker browns for the shading here. I did not attempt any OSL on this piece, and I do not think I will be anytime soon either. Not cause I can't but more cause I don't believe they are needed at the moment for a gaming piece. Not when the purpose of painting them up was to paint something quickly..

After getting the Bomber set up, the marksmen went really quickly. Same style and colors, with heavier washes to make them a bit darker. I only painted one of the 2 eyes here.. damnit.. will have to go back and fix the other one then. Which is quick anyways.

Only thing left was to add the grass, but no close up shots of them with it applied.

All told now I have 182 pts worth of troops painted up, and I have taken down the Captain, and 2 Light Dragoons to paint up next. My hope is to find time to paint them up this week in-between sessions of painting Catachans for Project UK. Who knows, maybe I will have a ton of Skirmish gaming pieces painted up to a decent gaming level in short time, and ready for some games later this summer when time allows!

A guild ball model article is coming soon..


  1. I have some friends who have tried to get me involved with "Relics" but it is not for me. Yet when I see figures painted to this standard I do question myself and wonder If I should get involved.

    1. I have only played a handful of games of it so far, but I do like the mechanics of it. Only hitting when you roll doubles is a neat little twist to the common gaming.
      And glad you like the painting.. am sure you can crank them out to this level easily also considering the scale your used to, this is not THAT much larger ;)

  2. When you do the zenith highlighting, you just do a quick spray like that? I'm always interested in how everyone does their various steps. I always worry about that kinda of spotty spray, but it doesn't seem to effect your final result at all.

    I hear you on the painting thing. I find deadlines tend to push me along if I get in a slump!

    1. It really depends on the model and how thick of a coating I want with the zenith highlighting.. For gaming, the spotty look is enough to give me a direction to aim for, and keeps the black for shadows more present. If it were a showcase piece I would probably hit it even harder and have a more even coverage.
      And yeah, since I paint quite thick for gaming, the spots don't really effect the end results at all.

  3. They look great mate. I just can't get my head around zenith highlighting.

    1. I have issues with it as well, but when it works, it works ;)

  4. Cracking work Mr. Lee, I've always had a hankering for these miniatures.

  5. These minis look great. Very nice!
    It was also great to see your minis at the primer stage and to notice that you gave them just a light spray. When I first started out, I used to lay it on very thick and obscured some details.

    1. I am with you on that.. I also used to dose them with paint. Normally I would do a bit more with it also, but I think for these ones I used the spray can on them. Hence why a bit more spotty.. versus if I used the airbrush. Was doing all 30+ at once so when that happens, cans are preferred choice...


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