Sunday, May 10, 2015

Painting Buddha Mega Sale!!!!

So Michael over at Painting Buddha has lost his marbles it seems, and has put up his extensive collection of models for sale! Including his well past OOP Rackham models!

Process seems to be quite straightforward though for it.

Go to the twitch live stream of Michael here - TWITCH LIVE LINK

From here you can chat with him, or can message him via his personal Facebook page and ask him about a model or unit or whatever. If he has it, then you can join a skype chat with him to discuss with him on how much you want to pay for it.

I had the chance to chat with him once Junior was asleep, and the wife went out for a night with the girls ;) Mwuhahahahaha!!!!!

I was able to not only get in a chat with Micha while he was at his 12 hr mark, but also scored a great deal on some pieces!

First up was this set. Seen it a few times, seen Ben paint up one of them recently on his facebook page ( see below )

And he does a great work on them so am looking forward to seeing how they turn out once they are all finished ( or I am just blind and haven't seen the finished works yet ).

These guys just look cool. Not sure what I will do with them yet, but I am sure that something will come of them. As always. Though I think they will work in a nice enemies of another set of models most likely.. or maybe even have them charging down an alley with the hero in the shadows? Possibilities are endless!

I love me some goblins. I love me some Asian themes. And when they are combined.. well... yeah... spent a bit more than I would like for OOP metal miniatures, but I believe they will really be worth it. And they will be hilarious to paint up as well!

So if you are still sitting around and looking for some killer models, then head over to the twitch channel and have a look at the photos that exist of the Rackham collection up for sale here. Have a look and provide him some support if you have the chance :D


  1. Replies
    1. It is quite a nice little haul. Hopefully when it shows up I am begin work on a project with some of them!


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