Thursday, May 21, 2015

Guild Ball Kraken Resin Model

.... and my thoughts on him complete with the history of my fascination with this model!

Just a heads up, that for me it is the last day of the week before the family and I head out to Canada for 2 weeks! Yippie! So expect even more silence for a while, unless something magical happens with regards to miniature related news from Mr Lee here!

Right.. so that is out of the way.. and what are we looking at now? Why it looks like a Guild Ball resin model! And not just any model, but their big lug Kraken with his intimidating harpoon!

This is the alternative sculpt piece for the big guy, as his regular pose is slightly different if you have purchases the metal or regular season piece of him.

I lucked out to get this while at Salute this year, and am really happy with it thus far. Not just because it is in resin ( gotta love resin models these days! ).. but also cause he is for my favorite team.. the Fishermen!

Such a cool team! And the design and style of not just the team, but of Kraken in particular is fantastic! I can see what he will be looking like when I get to painting him after Canada! Should be interesting with all the freehand work I will need to be doing here :) yay challenges!

Reason for my love of the Fishermen team though is due to being able to play a demo with them against Adam Parkhouse ( of Portal fame ) way back when I first moved to UK last year at SmogCon 2014. Mat, one of the original creators of the game, was on hand giving out demos and we had a chance at the game. Have to say that I was hooked on their play style almost immediately, and am very happy to have them ( along with duplicates in some cases ) of the models available!

Right.. so a lot of backstory on why I like the history of the model, and why I go all geeky over it.. but how does it fair once in the hands?

Well.. simply put.. awesome. I know that the models in metal are of great quality as posted up in the past, but the resin are to that level and then one step further.

As you can see from the shot above, the quality is really good. There is no flash visible at the moment, which is great, and hardly visible mold lines along the leg there.

And the excess resin from the pour spots, like on the harpoon, are in places that when you carve them off, it wont be taking any detail with it. Something that I have seen on a number of models in the past, but can say do not exist here! Huzzah!

You can see from the back though that there is a vent spot under his left arm there. But again, being on the bottom, it is out of sight. Along with the ones under the sprue tab at his feet. Which is irrelevant as I will most likely clip it completely off, and great a different styled base for him.

Since I have 2 of this guy ( both this resin version, and the original metal one ) I will probably do him up on a showcase base instead of the gaming base. I don't think I can use 2 Krakens in a single team, so a nice little vignette for him might just be perfect ;)

I also really like the softness to the model here also. Has the cartoon feel to him, but with enough details to make him pop if you know how to paint. Luckily for me.. I know painters, and they can maybe guide me on how to not make a mess of the model :D Maybe ;)

So let's see how it goes. In the meantime, it is time for me to finish my last day of work before holidays, and get cracking on the packing! Expect maybe a few more reviews to populate the blog over the next 2 weeks, but don't hold your breath for them at the same time :)


  1. Another wicked cool mini! Can't wait to see all these collections get painted up!

    1. Thanks Greg, you and me both! :)
      Expect to see a flurry of gaming pieces get painted up soon. I have a lot I want to work on, and such will have to focus on them soon. Especially a decent sized commission project that I will begin shortly!

  2. Having seen all those boxes in the emporium; "Good Luck"

    Somehow I don't think you need it, just a little time....


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