Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review Tuesday.. Megaton Armoured Syndicate Maria

While at Salute, and prior to Salute, I had seen these models and decided that they would be mine. Oh yes.. they will be mine....

And I was able to snag a blister of them prior to the show opening up :)

So this is Maria and Chico from the Cuervos Muertos gang in Megaton's soon to be game Armoured Syndicate. There is another model released to go with them, but I only picked up these ones as they really pulled me in with the character on the gangster girl here.

The blister is quite nice with which the models come in, and you can see that they are cast in resin before opening the pack. And all cast on a single sprue as well.

Cost was 9GPB at Salute, but not sure if that was a show special of something.

Cracking open the case you can see the pieces a bit better with the bases taken out of the way here. I think the bases will be tossed into my box of spare bases, as I think this model will look cool on a small socket in an Apoc like wasteland.. similar to the studio paint job but just not on the plastic bases.

Aside from the odd flash here and there, the casting of the model are great. And I think it will be minimal clean up to get them ready for painting.

Mrs Lee fell in love with her when I showed her off, so I suspect that the socket and models will wind up on her desk at work at some point.. so will have to do a great job on it then eh ;)

There is also a mecha that was on show at Salute, created in the style of Filbot.

I look forward to seeing this get released, as it is a pretty cool model ( both the theme of the Filbots, but also the mega huge pistols on the bot :) ).

Let's see how this small company proceeds in time here, and how they grow with their project!


  1. A nice job on painting those two. I can see why you liked the figure in the first place and now as I see it I am thinking similar thought...... "They will be mine!"

    1. Indeed.. they just scream it for either any post war/apoc styled skirmish game or just a scene stand alone. Hopefully I can paint them as nicely as these are done! Should try to find out who painted them now and see their other works for inspiration!

  2. Such tiny figures! Always amazed at the detail they get in this scale. It's mind boggling!

    1. Agree Greg. And more so to the casters to maintain that detail at that level as well!

  3. She looks good. Hey, she's only little, should paint up in mere minutes...

  4. Very nice mate. I'll have to check out this line of minis really like the style.


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