Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekend results...

Right so at the beginning of the weekend, this is what I was looking at. With 3 days home alone with no family and not much else to do, I decided to attempt to finish off the IJA Horde army that I have been working on lately.

Read below to see the results ;)

Starting with the vehicles, cause well vehicles are awesome and I need more of them in my army. This is something that I am not very good at painting or working with as I am predominately an infantry horde player. Can't be arsed to be using the vehicles as much as others do. So figured I would start with them as I can assume they would take me more time. And they did take quite a bit of time indeed!

Cleaning the flash, and getting them assembled took a fair few hours. Can't remember what I was watching on the TV during this period, but i do remember having to remove super glue from my fingers fairly often! I also put together a few of the other artillery/support teams while working on this.

First up though is primer, and then the main green color that the vehicles will work with.

The green is a bit paler than the other ones, but it is a nice base color to start with. But it gives some consistency, which I will be messing around with when I get to the weathering stages.

Here I used the Pk-Pro Masking putty before layering down the browns. I tried to keep them a bit subdued here as well. But am thankful for the airbrushes to get this all done though.

Though for some reason I do not have a photo of the final works here... strange.. thought I had one! Will have to take photos of their finished versions, but at this point I just attached the wheels and called them done. So they have basic colors on them, basic camo, and can be used in games :D

Then it was time to tackle the infantry horde! 160 models!

This would include the crew for the Type 4s, the MMG, the mortar team, 4 LMGs, HQ crew, additional support crew, and then the basic infantrymen. And lots of those!

Starting on the Sunday morning bright and early, I turned on Netflix and started up Gurren Lapen the anime. Which thankfully is in English. And I would keep watching it, and painting, until the series was finished! Yes.. I watched the entire series of 26 or so episodes while painting these infantrymen, and I have to say.. the series took less time! By a long shot!

I was laying down colors and the mixes were shifting a bit on me as the day went on. I would go back over them in yellows and greens later though to correct some of the mistakes. Thankfully this is how I want my army to look like though. That no 2 units or squads have the same colors for their uniforms. Just like the real IJA back in WW2. Due to the nature of war, and where they were sourced from.

You can begin to see them coming together with this shot though. 8 full units of 15, and then all the support and back up infantry behind them.

You can see that while I was doing the straps, guns, and leggings I used a single color. Actually for this whole army I dont think I use more than 10 colors total! But this one color would last me a good portion of Sunday and roll straight into Monday even.

This was my mix for the basing though. Each with a different shade from the Modelmates Mud collection of pigments. To give the bases a real random look. Though I have to admit this was one of the last things I worked on, and did not completely finish the horde.

The last stand of them. Still missing the metal work on the guns. I still need to drybrush the bases to make the raised sections pop out. And then add some flock clumps. But then I can call them finished! But that is work for another day.. in the meantime, I continued to work on updating my studio a bit to create more space and make it feel bigger. Will see how far that goes as I continue to work on it throughout the week while the family is away!

Hope you all enjoyed this, and expect to see them on the tables again and again! Though I keep getting the question of will I ever really need this many infantry.. to which I can answer that I hope one day that I do! Will see I guess :D Enjoy the week!


  1. So much more productive than I was this weekend.

    1. Maybe, but I didn't fare to much with regards to leaving the house much over those 3 days. Hermit Lee they might be calling me if the vacation time were to continue!

  2. Wow that's a lot of stuff done in three days...
    Well done!

    1. Thanks Stefan. Was a lot of hard work, and am a bit burnt out now from it.. but still a good one I guess :D

  3. Hi. On Sunday I only managed to detail paint my Helldrake. Is 1 Helldrake equals to 160 Japs infantry :) ?

    1. Ooooo Detail paint a Helldrake.. yup that is equal or greater than 160 Jap Infantry! Indeed!

  4. What an achievement! Great job Mr. Lee.

    1. Thanks Michael.. now let's see how they do tonight against some Germans! :D


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