Friday, August 22, 2014

Bank Holiday and Empty House!

Yes.. the little raccoon has it correct..

With Mrs Lee heading over to Turkey to pick up Junior from his summer away, this will probably be my last weekend to get a lot of things finished in short order. So I plan to make the most of it!

I have been a bit quiet on the old blogger these past weeks over the summer, but again that was due to Junior not being around. And well.. me and the Mrs here taking full advantage of it to go out and do .. well.. stuff!

But with Junior on his way back, and life going back to normal, expect a bit more blog, and thus painting, activity to follow.

Plan this weekend though is to reset up the living room to be able to paint while watching some DVDs.

What's going to be on the old player? Well it might just possibly be the Basing DVDs from Painting Buddha! Considering that I seem to be in a basing styled frenzy these days, it might be good to have a watch of them, and do a bit of a review while I'm at it!

Considering that I also have some Guild Ball models that will need some gaming level bases of epicness, this might be of some use!

But the mega project for the weekend is to see how far into the pile of IJA that I can get completed... I only have a "few" of them to go at the moment..

You can see a few of the pieces are completed, and I just need to finish up a model or 2 to complete a full unit.

But there there are a few reinforcements that arrived recently..

BOOM BOOM! Some nice big Type 4 Heavy Howitzers from Bobs Workshop, and their crew from Wargames Command Post. Not the best casts of either of them, but once slathered in paint, and thrown to the back of the board ( cause I don't want to banzai with them? ) they will look fine.

The extra Chi-ha there is finally assembled, and complete with his tank commander shouting at his fellow tanks to get on with it!

The transparent tankettes there are my new uber stealth kits from an American company specializing in WW1 tanks. Cost me a small fortune for them, and then UK customs thought they should get a share and hit me again for them. Not impressed.. especially at the price of being told I have customs. :(

Oh well.. so lots to paint up here.. and even more Tanks are coming in the future as well for the forthcoming Tank Wars that will be gracing us soon enough! Tank Destroyers, Self Propelled Guns, Gun Tows, and Trucks! Hip Hip Horray! Expect some posts when those arrive..

But for now.. let's get through the Friday, rest well tonight, and dig into the painting of this beast of an army of "skirmishers" over the weekend :D


  1. That is allot of tanky goodness. Best of luck. Two quick questions. 1) Are you attending the weekend workshop on Aug 30\31 and 2) What would you say your favourite Space Marine Chapter is?

    1. Hey Jack, I will be at the workshop on Sunday only. Not the entire one due to family responsibilities. As for favorite Space Marine Chapter... dunno.. I have a lot of Dark Angels around the house :D Does that count? :P

    2. It most certainly does count. I am attending the beginner class myself, I look forward to saying hello in person.
      Happy Painting

  2. Now that is what I call a weekend workshop! Best of luck Mr. Lee.

    1. Thanks Michael.. let's see how far along I get with it all :)

  3. Beer and Pizza all weekend it is. Get Cracking!

    1. What?! Why stop to eat and drink when you can just lick your brushes to get the sustenance you need to get by :P

  4. Have fun Mr Lee. Tomorrow a very close friend is here for some "fun painting" and sunday Max and Lukas invited thierself to a painting session. :-) So here are also a great painting weekend is taking place. Have fenland good progress with the units!


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