Friday, August 29, 2014

Relic Knights Doctrine Faction Unboxing

Right.. so yesterday we saw the Noh Empire.. and today this is the Doctrine faction that I picked up in this Kickstarter.

I cannot say that I am as happy with these models as I was with the Noh. I am going to put that out right away! The models are a lot smaller than the Noh Empire, and thus the mold lines are worse! Or at least going to be difficult to get rid of :(

Anyways.. first up is the starter box..

So there are a lot of the same elements as the Noh Empire starter box. The cards, playmat, rulebook, Esper desk, blah blah blah...

And the starter models. Starting with the Doctrine Knight Delphyne and her Cypher Ekhis. Right away, I do not like the Cypher model. It looks nothing like the bad ass wolf that is on the box.. instead it is more a shy little wolf that looks to be more coward than courageous. So sad.

The Librarian model though, which is the big hulking stone construct, is still bad ass though. Love it, and will have fun painting it up!

And then there are the 3 Novitiates but I will keep them in their box for now. But they are all a bit fiddly in the models, and I suspect they will be not the most fun to paint up :(

And due to the kickstarter, I also got more of the Novitiates and another Librarian. Woot?

Next is the main Knight for the Doctrine forces. Kisa and Scratch. I have to say that the mecha cat here is pretty bad ass. Still will be a pain to clean up, but badass all the same. And the Cypher, Scratch, is pretty cool. Will be fun to paint that little one up.

But Kisa.. well.. that is another story cause she is not that cool overall. I suspect this is going to suck actually :( I say this only because her right arm has no slot to put it into. So it is going to be needing a pin, if I can find one small enough. And her staff is quite wobbly. Her cloak also has quite a small connection point tab. But the worst part is I am not sure how she will sit on the big cat. Cause there again is no real spot to put her. And will most likely need pinning. Argh...

So close to being cool, and yet so far...

Now I have to admit that I was looking forward to this group. I had seen someone take the male Mage out of the main trio, and do a nice little diorama with him against a dragon I do believe. Too bad this one has horrible mold lines on him, and what not.

Whatever.. let's see if I can still make the ladies as sexy in their paint job as their artwork states they should be. Otherwise, well, they will probably look like working girls near Taksim.. Time will tell on that one.

I like how this one comes together, though I think again the staff is going to be a pain. And it will also need to go on separately I believe.

Fiametta was one of the few that there was no model of before I believe, and thus was made only because of Kickstarter. Kudos to them. And the sculpt and pose is quite unique, if not exactly as the artwork depicts. I think it was shifted to be more cast/mold friendly.

What is unique about this piece is that now if you wish to buy her, she is pair up with this other duo..

Old Pervy man, and his your nubile assistant. Love the expression on the old man on the sculpt, though the face for the girl is a bit rough and not defined as well as it could have been. Plus he is not sitting on a stool here, but rather standing ready for some more action it seems.

I think considering how small they are, and how large their base is, there will be plenty of space to do up something really interesting here for them. Maybe try to recreate the floor, and a section of a library or laboratory? I dunno.. maybe just a pervy office would work as well :D

And last, but definitely not least, is the Cosplay Zineda model. Originally from the Noh Empire, but here she is skipping over to the Doctrine due to their power levels. It will be interesting to see how these 2 would do up against each other though. Also she seems a bit smaller than the other one, but I haven't laid them side by side to really check that out yet. Maybe one day when I get around to assembling everything.

So there you have it.. my 2 factions. There is one more model that I have received and it is the cosplay Candy and Cola models. Though again the pose on Candy is not what I expected and not one that if really all that great. But let us see how it goes, and how the painting on it happens. Below is a slightly blurry photo of the duo.. and with it.. the end. So enjoy the weekend. Much things happening here.. hope you all enjoy as well!

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