Wednesday, May 11, 2016

American vs British Battle Report: Summary...

A quick summary of last nights game. I won't show the lists as it was a test game to see how well my American list would do for an upcoming tournament.

Overall I think it will work, the ***** with **** were decent and created some disruption. The 2 **** did very well, although one did not want to come onto the board until turn 5, but he did come out right in time to cause some damage to the Ghurkas on the objective.

My 5 units of ******* with their **** and ******** were very good, but because I was defending instead of attacking they were not as effective as they could have been.

But it was my opponents Medium Artillery that was the MVP of the game. With his Ghurkas having moved off the only objective captured for him, making it a draw, and my ******* about to run towards it to re-capture it from him, denying him the tie, his artillery rolled a 6 to hit, thanks to the viewing of his spotter. Who also had a longer tea break and did not come on the board until turn 5.

Overall a great game, and the photo of the named MVP is shown above. Was also an uplifting experience for my opponent as normally the results are a heavy one sided but this was a great even match with mistakes being made on both sides ( like me forgetting that my ******* had 3 **** not 2 in their units... ).

Anyways.. hope you enjoyed this quick battle report summary :) And hopefully I can get some better results in my tournament in 2 weeks.. or at least enjoy the trip down to Brighton and take in some sights while there :)

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