Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Review Tuesday: Dreamforge Mortis Titan

Ok a different review today.. and one that I have been sitting on for a while now.

The Dreamforge Games, Leviathan Mortis Titan. A kit made for 28mm, and released in line with, but announced before, the GW Titan range that are all the rage these days.

This is for commission as part of the UK project.. but have been remiss to start it until I had the motivation to see it all the way through. As this is one heck of a monster kit.. and I want to do it proper justice!

Unboxing the main box we already see we are in trouble when it comes to assembly!!!

First up we see a massive gaming base for the model, along with a title plaque for it as well. Lots of ideas on what to do for the base. I have some pieces given to me to work with for the base for the Titan to blow up, but I might leave those for the second one when I can know how difficult it is to put together and paint. Might discuss with the owner on ideas for this, but I suspect we will see some concrete like base here..

Pulling out all the sprues, and we see a lot of them. With some being in foam to ensure that they are kept from either breaking or going missing due to being so small. And this was very helpful, considering that this beast has so many pistons that require to be made, and the numbering of them to create them is very important! I dunno how badly assembling this would have been had they not been so well set up!

Laying out all the sprues, and going over the instructions did not give me hope that this would be a simple build. Not when all the pieces can have several levels of articulation going for it.

Though I suspect that with regards to painting these up, if I want them to look good, some of this articulation will need to be set. Or else if they are modified too much in some spots then the paint will begin to tear. Something to think on, and plan out before I put paint to it!

I did over the last weekend however begin to start work on it.. and I have to say that although the instructions are detailed, it was interesting to see what I needed to focus on and how to look at the pieces at times to ensure they were going together properly.

Thankfully a lot of it just clicks together, and glue was used sparingly.. though in some places where it is used, I had to be really sure before sealing it up!

In the end of a days worth of assembly this is what it came out as.. a flipping monster if ever there was one!

I had also had a slight panic attack when looking at the monster at this point.. as I was realizing that the arm sockets were making it so that the arms themselves could not go all the way down! Freaking out thinking on how I could fix that and if there was a chance...

Thankfully I had not glued the sockets to the body, and it was able to do a full rotation... phew... crisis averted but at midnight last night it was a panic and a half.. resulting in a bit later sleep time than I had anticipated!

Ovreall I think this is a lovely kit.. kinda wish I backed the kickstarter all those days ago, but it is available from their webstore (, and from other stores around Europe/UK as I have seen.

Now to begin to do some mock color schemes to fit with the rest of his nurgle like models ( like the one at his feet in the photo above ).. but for now, here is the official box art from their webstore! Hope you enjoy!


  1. That is Huge. While I have no earthly use for it I do love it and have checked the price in the UK. That is despite having no use for it!

    1. Yes, it is a monster of a kit. But so lovely..

      The thing is fully articulate as well.. Ankles, Knees, Hips, Stomach!, Torso, Shoulders, elbows, and even the weapons all can be posed. With the gears and pistons moving accordingly.

      Going to be very interesting to see how it builds/paints up however, and looking forward to it as well!

    2. They do make a much smaller one Clint. (similar in size to a dreadknight, or a very large contemptor).

      It is pretty cool how the model is more action figure then model..

    3. I keep forgetting that they do 2 scales ( the joys of 3D sculpting/printing ). And it might fit in with things like battletech in the smaller scale actually..

  2. Oh my word that is sensational - looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    1. You and me both.. and to think.. I have a second one to build and paint on top of this one! Oi!

  3. Bwaa ha ha ha.

    Nope, sorry; too intimidated to do more than evil villain laughter.

    1. Hahaha.. yes.. the Mrs here was also commenting on how this is a bit different from what I normally paint, and especially for what I normally paint for you :) Will be interesting, but we should chat on the level of dirt/rust/grime you want on it ;)

  4. A bit late to the show, but oh myyyy - what a big beastie that is :)

    1. He fits nicely in a certain setting 37,988 years or more from now.. but yes he is a big beasty all the same! Going to be a lot of airbrush work on him once I get started on him!


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