Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Garganthar is coming!

Yes.. my rival.. my friend.. my partner in singing O Canada is coming to UK! Above you can see one of our more larger games of Fantasy held at one of the conventions in Ankara, Turkey.

Burak "You did what?" Garganthar is coming to the UK to spend some holiday time with me as we pull off a slightly less epic, but still pretty cool roadtrip around parts unknown in the UK. Parts unknown being Folkstone for the Euro Militaire show, and then Nottingham; home of the Geek HQ known as Games Workshop.

Heck.. he is even finally bringing me my birthday present for 2013!!!!! We have a tradition that we exchange a painted model ( as the former tradition was unpainted and it stays unpainted unfortunately ). So for last year I had gifted him with the Dwarf Berzerker bust from Scibor that I painted with Massive Voodoo at their last BAM classes.

Finally after a lot of life changes on his side, he has finally gotten around to finishing up his piece for me.. the all mighty Odin!!!

This thing is quite large standing in at 30cms tall! There once was a shot of them all together showing the scale differences.. but I guess I will have to redo that photo when we have a chance this week!

In the meantime.. it is time for me to pick him up from the Airport... and then for us to prep our livers for the remaining trip here. Will be curious to see how well they stand up to normal Izmir/Turkey styled debauchery but with English Ale instead! Expect some interesting write ups on this next week!


  1. Have a good time together! Very cool that you can meet up ;)

    1. Thanks mate! Am sure we will have fun.. but am not sure if our livers will survive :)

  2. Replies
    1. Road trip was great, getting sick not so much.. now to put it all into article format to let others see how it was!

  3. Replies
    1. Monsterous here.. having a hard time finding a spot for it now!


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