Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ronin 1650.. Redux...

So here is a piece that I have been working on in different times over the past months.

The original WIP post was back in May when I was super pumped to get to work on it directly after the Duke of Bavaria.

Since I stopped working on it though I have had the chance to take it to a few classes with me and get some advice on how to improve it.

The first of a long string of advice was from Rafa "Volomir" and his class in Cambridge. Especially with his "challenge" to paint more in primary colors. Adding color to a piece without fear that it will ruin it, but also to just focus on the primaries and see what could happen.

It was not something that I took overnight though, but something that I began to slowly work into my painting style with each piece. Not always succeeding here, but at least moving forward. Forward to a different style, and one that would be playing a little bit more in the saturated colors instead of de-saturated colors that I was living.

But it was also advice from a good friend of mine that suggested that I age/dirty up the piece. And to make some marks on the staff to make it worn/used a bit further as well.

And the last updates and advice I received while attending Roman's Basing workshop in Augsburg over the summer. Although I was satisfied with the base, after attending his class and seeing all the aspects of moss.. I just had to add some to my base as well! And I think here, it again added some much needed color to an otherwise uncolorful basing!

I have to say that it is something that I am really grateful of. To have so many chances to go out and meet other artists and learn from them. But also o then have them help and influence my pieces and works in such positive ways!

Thinking on this.. and looking back on my roadtrip to where I am today for painting and how I got here.. I think another series of articles of looking back at the teachers that I have learned from, and what aspects of their painting style have influenced my painting of today is in order. At the very least it will be very reflective of how I am painting and where some of the techniques and styles have been adopted from.

Anyways.. this guy is also up on Putty&Paint at the moment. I hope he does better than the Crusader though! More photos below.. hope you enjoy!


  1. Great work and paint my friend .
    Cheers .

  2. Those small touches and tweaks make it some much more captivating. Really nice work!

    1. Thanks Zab. Glad the extra effort came through on it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran! You should come to Euro Militaire as it shouldn't be too far from where you are ;)


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