Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ork Dakkajet crew..

Vroom vroom... dakka dakka.. pew pew.. and many other noises are flying around the studio these days as I get a bit more work on the dakkajet finished.

This time I focused more on the crew, and the cockpit glass.

I am contemplating doing something to the glass itself to make it look like it is a bit cracked or damaged, but we will see if I can figure something out there.

Just painting the sides of it though was difficult enough. The plastic was not really wanting to hold onto the paint too much so it was several layers there.

I was also playing around with the Ork skins here. Trying to find a nice way to paint them up without too much trouble.

In this case it was just priming them 2k style, and then doing almost wash layers with thinned paint over them. It allowed me to pull the black primer through to the green, and get it bright thanks to the white.. I know.. kinda overstating the obvious, but still pretty cool.

For the Ork pilot, I went for a darker skintone, and used browns for the shading. Which again I really like how it came out, and think I am beginning to start to think about how this color theory process might actually be working for me :) Only took 1.5 hrs since my first painting class for things like this to sink in... and about 30 odd years since learning about it from my grandpa when I was a wee lad.

From there it was just some washes with GW shades etc, and then a slight highlight of base + cream to give it a bit of highlights. I didn't go too far, cause I wanted to be quite with it, but I also just was having more fun with the other parts of him.

Especially his glasses. :)

You can see in the first pic a bit better, but I really tried to make his glasses look like they have some reflection on them. Not the best work, but not bad for a couple of minutes mucking. Especially when there was no new colors added, but just the ones that were already on the wet palette from other projects :)

But the Goblin gunner I had a lot more fun with, and also tried to do a bit more shading on him as well.

For the Goblin I went with a much lighter skintone here. And I tried to take a bit of my luck with making the contrasts really pop more on this little guy. Something akin to the Wild Hunter model where I really pushed the contrast to make the groups really pop.

So for this one I tried it again, going only up to cream and not white on it, but still trying to separate the sections well enough.

So again, playing around with the base, and then doing some glazes down to a darker green with a hint of red in it. And going back up to base + cream, to almost pure cream. I could easily play with this further, and really play with the colors on it, but again this is for gaming/my 5 yr old son. So not sure I wanted to invest that much time into it actually.

Goggles here could have had a bit more work done on them, but I was getting tired/lazy/bored with it at that point so just left them as they were. Though spent a bit more time on the leather cap, and tried to give it a bit of a worn feeling. Not sure I pulled it off well enough...

Of course.. being a dakkajet, it doesn't really have this section normally, but I just had to add it to make it have more dakka.. That and I don't really care if I can't use it in some games, cause it just looks cool. Too bad though that my box did not have the glass canopy for him though.. it was missing that part and had double of the front one instead. But then again who cares.. it is not like he will survive long anyways right?

Gun was painted like the rest of the metals. Dark silver, Rust color, thinned brown ink, then dry brush in dark and light silver at different spots.

Still a bit more to do with the jet though.. such as finishing the base ( which is put down, but needs to be painted ) and then a massive oil wash over the entire thing. Maybe some more battle damage, but that will depend on time and energy more so than anything else. Keep an eye out for it..


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