Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend projects..

A quick little post of what I got up to over the weekend..

First off an Ork Fighter Jet.. not built as it was supposed to, but more as I would like to have had it! Added parts from the different versions to make it look cooler in my mind! Plus it needed more dakka on it..

Still very much WIP, but it was a fun way to kill an afternoon playing with the airbrush, and some sponge. Still needs a lot more work obviously, but it will slowly get there in the end. Even if it won't be the best quality piece in the end.

And then also a quick shot of the Project UK mob that is underway.

A quick test to see if I understood the colors correctly. Seems I have, except for the hat. Need to make the majority of it khaki, and the little bobble thing blue. Will sort that right out, and then get back to the rest of them.

I will do the plaid work on the kilts once they are all finished. I don't look forward to doing 63 plaid kilts, but I will get them done all the same! Will be quite the sight when all 63 are finished though, and looking forward to seeing them completed!

Review of Matt's basing class coming up soon enough though.. Keep a watch out for it.


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