Thursday, February 2, 2017

Batman the game...

So to try to keep the momentum going ( albeit slowly ) on writing up on here.. let's show off a few of the gaming figures I have been painting up as of late..

I am still not able to really get into any major or larger pieces due to moving soon ( again ) and space in the studio at the moment. But small skirmish teams or infantry sections are doable!

First gang up was the Penguin gang. I have to say that after painting this up though, I really wish to have this gang for myself. As it was a lot of fun to paint up the parkas, and I love how they came out.

A comment I received about them was that although the contrasts are super harsh, they still look primarily white! Which I will take as a compliment, and something that I will endeavour to do more of.

It was a push out of my comfort zone with these guys as I was really going up to white for some extreme highlights before a slight glaze back down on areas.

No areas had metallics used, which is a first, but I used some super simple versions of NMM for some of the metal areas like guns. Nothing massively great, but works for the gang and the style of paint I think?

After being emboldened from the Penguin crew's attempts I then painted up Gordon and his boys in blue as a rival gang. Very differently from how I normally would have done them, and taking a lot of inspiration from the box art of them all. Just like the Penguin crew, a lot of very stark contrast and maximum highlights in areas to give it a high sheen or what not look to them.

I did take more photos of the individuals here on this gang than I did with the Penguin crew.

Commissioner Gordon is up first. In his brown suit, with brown trenchcoat. I worked in some other tones here and there to it, but they didn't turn out as well. But the piece came together nicely in the end.

I did have to work out how to do his moustache to not look like Hitler, but I think I pulled it off in the end. Again lots of glazes over the pure white top level, which made it work nicely together I suspect.

These 2 thought were my favorite out of the bunch here. The blues really came together for me for a change.

The baton also was replaced from the flimsy pewter version to a paperclip superglued to the model. It should sit better and be strong but will see over the long term. I also painted him up as Officer Carl from an old TV sitcom with Eurkle. He seems to have the same physical atmosphere as Carl did..

Last up are the SWAT boys.. I had issues with them in the beginning ( post assembly of course ) in that they came out far too dark. So I have to lighten up the jackets and cloth on them further. The armor sections are still a bit "meh" but they do the job for them in the end.

All in all, a nice experience to paint up something different. Green Arrow(s) and some of his cohorts are coming next. Along with what I can only think to be associates to some of the other crews already in play.


  1. Very nicely done Sir, I need to did my Penguin crew out this summer and give them another run out.

  2. Excellent ! Nice to see you bloggin' again.

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