Monday, January 23, 2017

Hello... is it me your looking for???

So yeah.. I have been a "bit" absent with regards to writing blog posts or posting up about my hobby projects. Would like to give excuses but it's just life!

Now that being said, I have gone through a bit of a slump which is normal during the competition period of September to November. Except this past season I was focusing on more to selling figures at the shows than the competitions themselves. So the primary reason to go to them, and how I perceived them changed a lot this past year.

With 2017 now in effect, this trend will continue. And my focus will still be primarily on pushing Mr Lee's Minis into new heights with new projects to be released throughout the year!

One of the many things that have happened over the past months though that I was really happy with was the working with one of, if not the, favourite artist of mine.. Giorgos Tsougkouzidis! He finalized a project that has been long running, and quite a fun one that I have wanted to see completed. Once completed I was lucky enough to pick up one of the first versions of it to paint.

It really was a piece that painted itself quite easily. Even though it is quite large, and imposing.. I had a ton of fun painting it up. So much so, that Giorgos and his casting partner then asked if they could use the images of it for the box art for their newer release of it. Whereby they 3D scanned the piece, and recreated it in a much smaller and easier to paint copy of it. So this is my first real official Box Art work that happened for me!

Other things done are the done is that I was bitten with the Blood Bowl bug, and have already painted up the Human team, along with the ogre from Big Child Creatives. Now to get stuck in with the league at the club, and hope I don't get destroyed too much!

Another thing completed was a skirmish force for Frostgrave. With me trying out some new things for snow.. not fully great but I liked how they came out in the end.

A lot of this is being done as part of Curt's yearly painting competition via the bloggers. I find that this is a good motivation to paint up a lot of Rank and File models that I will be playing with in the coming year. Or at least to finish up some projects for gaming that have been kicking around for far too long.

I haven't even touched the box of models that I had prepped for last year's competition.

Aside from the above, I have done a few paint bombs for the competition by cleaning up my models for Bolt Action.

I am still loving the bolt action game, and I have not gotten too sick of painting up infantry for them. Which is good as it seems there is still more to come. And even more tanks that will need to be done up for the various forces that are populating my studio shelves! More transport bags are required post haste!

So there are a couple of the main projects I have been working on. I do hope to get back to posting about shows, and games, and models, and projects, and all the other great things that are kicking around here these days. Though I will potentially be still quiet in compared to normal high times of posting. As there are a lot of activities surrounding the miniatures being produced under Mr Lee's Minis.. and also with another house move happening soon. Both exciting in their own rights, but ones that will take time and be hard to comment on until things become more real!

For now.. I am working on a fairly large English Civil War army to play down at the club. With the first photos of it shown here..

I hope to have much more work done on it soon enough, and the rest of the full unit done and ready to post up in the competition soon enough.

Enjoy.. hope all is well.. and if you have been waiting for this post then hope this works.. if not.. comment and tell me what you missed out of my articles the most so that I know where to push myself to write up about!


  1. Nice to see you back in action, congrats on the box art!

  2. Good to see you posting again - looks like you've been busy.

  3. Happy to see you're back and in style!

  4. Awesome work ... how we have missed the eye candy. Welcome back!


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