Thursday, October 8, 2015

The long road to SMC...

Am off to yet another convention.. and driving there as well!

Where to this time... why... Eindhoven, Netherlands! Home of the Scale Model Challenge show! Same as I went to last year, but this time not with a plane!

And driving? Why.. yes I am! But not straight cut to the show, no, that would be too easy. We will head to Frankfurt first to pick up good buddy Denny Crane first, before circling back to Eindhoven. But again, the path is not straight, as we think of doing a detour to Spiel at Essen on the Friday first!

Am I crazy? Will this be an epic-ally long drive, fraught with danger and tears? Possibly.. but then again how often do you get the chance to drive across Europe? Not many I tell you! So let's do this thing, and get it over with! And see what kind of adventures we can get into along the way!

So don't expect too much from me here for now.. but if you follow my facebook page you might get to see my ramblings as I stop off at random places for food, drink and fuel. Or just be seeing photos of me sitting on the side of the road crying as I try to explain to someone how lost I am in their country but don't speak their language! Either way.. should be good :)


  1. Good luck and have fun. Many Dutch under 30 do speak English...... Oh hang on I forgot you are Canadian. They will never get past your accent, but will think you polite! JK

  2. What could possibly go wrong? Have a great trip.

  3. Is the show this weekend? At the same days as Spiel? I live not so far from Eindhoven but have never visited the convention.

    1. Yes. It is this Sunday. Would be great to see more attend it. And maybe come visit us for Guild Ball demos ;)


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