Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review.. Thursday? - Tiny Leads Japanese Sniper

Another Japanese bust, but this one brought forward in time a bit to be a little more modern. Moving from 1865 in the previous one, to the 1940s.

I had a chance to see it at the Euro show, and have a quick chat with Antonio Piqui about it as well. It is a lovely bust, and quite nicely painted up by Alex Varela.

For my copy, I was not as lucky as others to get a personalized message, but I did have a nice chat with Antonio about it, his line, and also about some of the future Wasteland Warrior pieces to make them more fun.

Having a discussion with Antonio about the boxes was fantastic. It was nice to understand what was going through his head on why he went so upscale in the design and package.

It was pretty simple. He wanted a high quality product that he himself would like to buy. And that the models he is selling, he is not doing it so much for profit, but out of pure joy. That is a great thing to behold, and honestly it is quite easy to see from the finished product.

Also the black box was to again show off a good quality piece instead of a flashy cover showing the painted piece.

Which he does via a business card within the piece instead! Which I think is a really nice touch and something that I should think about in the future as well perhaps.. if I could draw or design something as nice of course!

Was cool to get another pin ( and score another another pin from the stand as well ). Both have been added to the growing collection on my painting smock at home now, while the sticker joins the others on the miniature transport box.

Oh and it being a limited run of 130 ( or is that 180? ) I also got the 3rd copy! Again.. very cool!

When taking all the other pieces out, we can see the same level of details and casting quality as we did on the other Tiny Leads piece, the Samuari. Very clean, minimal mold lines, and the pieces fit together with minimal fuss. Cutting the vent off of the rifle will be interesting, but I think that is the hardest thing for the entire prep of this piece here!

This will be a nice piece to do up, and to have sit beside me while playing with my Imperial Japanese Forces for Bolt Action at tournaments next year. Just have to do it justice and see how painting a 28mm Japanese differs from a larger bust of one! :D

Hope you enjoyed it, and check out Tiny Leads shop for more of these and other products!


  1. I can imagine on some of these busts, you could spend days just working on the gun...

    1. This is so true.. it is a nice piece overall though! Well worth picking up!


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