Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MetuCon 2011

Ok so MetuCon is also over for this year, and with it the last real convention that I will head to in Turkey for this year. Yes, there are only 2 conventions that I am aware of so far, but will see what the future holds though.

So what happened?

Well, to put it bluntly, we played Infinity. We set up shop to show off Infinity to everyone, and then preceeded to bash each other over the head with different tactics using our respected forces. Learning many things about the game as we went through.

Biggest compliments was from the boards that I brought with me, and that everything was homemade. They are not the best looking yet ( most are still in the WIP/pre-paint phase of things ) but they are progressing well enough between commissions.

What I did find funny was that we had competition at the convention in the form of another brightly painted 40k gaming board. Using all the best pieces from GW including the Realm of Battle board. But that was about as far as the competition between us went, as that board stayed untouched for the entire day, whereas our board continued to receive comments and questions cause we continually played Infinity on it.

So it was a great day, even though it was a 6 hr drive each way to get to it. Will be nice to get everything finalized and finished before next years convention season so that when we do such events we can entice more players, and get more comments from everyone even. Who knows, maybe even get more players instead of just making fun of each other while playing it in another city.

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