Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Road to Monte!

Well the end of the Miniature conventions is upon us.. the last show of the year.. above is a photo from last years award ceremony.

Unlike last year though, this one will have some changes, at least for me!

Last year I went with the English crew in a mega bus, and camped out with the Germans in a villa. True backpacker style, and proper for a painting event! I also brought a ton of models with me due to all the classes that I had attended in that year, and having so much finished!

This year.. no group travel, and minimal models taken!


Well, seems Mrs Lee was quite jealous last year of my travel to Italy without her, so this year we are expanding the trip into a proper holiday between the 2 of us. Exploring parts of Tuscany before and after the show. As such it will reduce the crowded housing and cars that I used last year ( though was awesome to be with so many people ).

As for models, well, this year was quite poor for myself to get things painted up. Although I took 10 to Hussar recently ( report to come! ), it was mostly older pieces from last year. For Monte I will only bring 2 pieces with me. Brom the Dwarf bust, and a quick paint up of Mr Lee Beaver figure..

Honestly I think this will be better for me as my expectations were met last year, and this time I go for the community, and the time spent alone with the Mrs :) More to relax and enjoy, and sight see. Less pressure.. which is nice for me this year :)

So you can expect a lot of photos, just like normal, upon my return. And a bit report of the show again, along with some side trips with the Mrs also.

If your going to be there.. come say hi! I will have some Beaver Figures with me for sale, or to bargin with for beers ;)

Enjoy the week, weekend, and early next week then! And see you all upon my return!


  1. A crowded bus full on painting maniacs or a leisurely drive down with the good lady wife - think carefully how you answer this one! :D

    1. Heh.. just seeing this now.. but I think I would go with the Mrs on these trips of this magnitude.. the "smaller" ones might be a miss for her though. But a great trip all the same..


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